Svakom Mini Emma with Deer Ears

I won this toy in a giveaway by Curious Kitt and I honestly didn’t expect that much. Until this point in my life, I never owned a wand vibe and I had convinced myself that I wasn’t interested in having one. But a prize is a prize! So I took it upon myself to try the Mini Emma out before sending it to a happier home. I was more impressed than I thought I’d be, especially at the versatility of the Mini Emma with the Deer Ears attachment. Though I am not especially well-versed in the world of wand style vibes, I do think the Mini Emma is a good option for a smaller but still relatively powerful wand, especially at the price.


Most of the Mini Emma is coated in a layer of silicone which comes in Violet or Plum Red.1Which really means pink The base of the toy (the last ¾”) is metal with a DC input for charging. From the base to about 4” up, the toy is solid, since that’s where the motor is. The bulbous head on the end is also quite solid, but the 1” neck between the two is relatively flexible. This is intentional: Svakom markets this aspect of the Mini Emma as “flexible at any angle.” You do have to press somewhat hard to get it to bend, but it is overall an ergonomic wand.

A Deer in headlights. Get it?

On one side, the Mini Emma has the word ‘Svakom’ written in indents. Since this isn’t designed to be an internal toy, I don’t mind the indents. If you choose to use the toy internally (more on that later), definitely check these areas for bodily fluids after use. Above the brand name, the Mini Emma has three buttons: a down arrow, an ‘S,’ and an up arrow. These are raised and surrounded by an indented oval. Pressing the up button increases the power (up to 2 times), while pressing the down button up to 2 times lowers it.

At any point, pressing the S button will take you into the patterns. There seem to be four or five patterns but I can’t be completely sure. As of writing this review, Svakom’s website offers no information, and the instruction manual tells me that the “vibrating modes” are Normal, Caressing, Joyous, Passionate, Climax and Svakom Mode. If left alone, the Mini Emma actually cycles through the whole set of patterns on its own and in an order I don’t understand. If you like a specific pattern, pressing the S button twice will keep you on it. To change patterns, double click the up or down button. At any point, pressing the S button starts the pattern cycle again. If you’re confused right now, it’s not just you. The patterns on this toy are unnecessarily complicated. I think the order is designed to feel like it starts out as foreplay, warms you up, and gets you there. Svakom’s website calls this ‘Intelligent Mode.’ I disagree. It just seems plain stupid.

To turn the toy on or off, hold down the ‘S’ button. Turning on the toy lights up the oval. 

Holding the S button makes the light flash three times and turns the toy off. To charge the toy, plug the DC input into the very bottom of the toy (at its base). The white light will flash while charging and remain steady when fully charged, which takes up to 1.5 hours. The charge is supposed to last up to 2 hours of continuous use. The light flashes red when the toy’s charge is low.

The Deer Ears are a silicone attachment that fit around the head of the Mini Emma. This attachment also features the word ‘Svakom’ indented on the bottom. The “ears” are designed to fit on either side of the clitoris and feature ridges on the inside.


The Mini Emma isn’t my number 1 go to toy (that title goes to the We-Vibe Tango right now), but I would (and often do) choose it over other toys. I’m usually not looking for penetration, and the Mini Emma is alright when I want to masturbate while still wearing my underwear. It’s not the most powerful or the most rumbly vibe, but it’s actually surprisingly versatile.

Mini Emma’s hat is a separate part.

Though designed to be an external vibe, there is no reason it couldn’t be used vaginally since it is waterproof and the only seams are at the very end. 2Not something a lot of wand style vibes can boast! The Mini Emma does not have a flange, so I advise against using it internally anally, though against the anal opening is fine. For the sake of this review, I did try inside my vagina, though I wasn’t able to orgasm using just the Mini Emma internally. I tend to like bulbous internal toys (for example, the Fun Factory Bouncer or the Fucking Sculptures Pussywillow)3though both of these have more bulbs that are spread out, vs. the Mini Emma’s singular rounded bulb. especially going in and out of my vaginal opening, but I’m not a fan of internal vibration thus far on my sex toy journey. On that note, the Mini Emma did not change my mind and I’m not likely to use it internally again.

Externally, I like the Mini Emma for days when I want to feel like I have a cock and am masturbating with that, rather than having a clit. It’s more (and usually better) stimulation than jerking off with a strap-on, and it gives me a hand hold that feels more like a cock than the Tango. Holding the head of the wand to my clit and moving it back and forth simulates a self-handy while providing pleasure at the same time.  For folks with clits & transdudes who want to feel like they are jerking off with a cock, though the shape isn’t exact, it does provide nice gender exploration.

The Deer Ear attachment doesn’t do anything for me – my clit isn’t very exposed and trying to get the ears to surround or grab my clit was not worth the effort. On the other hand, the flexibility of the ears is enough for them to easily surround a penis! While this toy is not one of my favorites ~on my own~ it has found a place in partnered play with my penis-having partner. He prefers the top of the Mini Emma right below the head of his cock (hitting the frenulum), with the arms surrounding it, though he says it would probably work better if the ears made a complete circle, since he only really feels the vibration on one side of his penis. Using this toy as a stroking toy can pull on foreskin, so he prefers to use it with ample lube.

The size of the ears compared to the base means that one could be inserted vaginally or anally, with the other against the taint, perineum, or clitoris. The vibrations carries really well along the ears, so if you prefer something more pinpointing, using one ear against a certain spot might prove more effective and pleasurable. 4I haven’t yet really tried this, though I will update this review if/when I do.

Svakom has an authorized retailer on Amazon that sells the Mini Emma and Deer Ears for $40, and at that price, it’s very difficult to pass up.5However, buying sex toys on Amazon is almost always a bad idea. I would especially recommend this toy and attachment combo to folks with penises who want to try out frenulum vibration, and folks with clits who want to explore more gender play.

You can get the Mini Emma with the Deer Ear attachment for $40 here. Normally, I do not recommend purchasing toys on Amazon 6There are many fake versions of things, and most amazon retailers will not fulfill warranties but this is the only place I can find the attachment.


This toy is mostly made out of silicone, which can bond with silicone based lube. I recommend a water based lube so you don’t run the risk of ruining your toy.

The Mini Emma’s body is made with silicone and metal exteriors, so to be safe, use water based lube. Though it charges with a DC input, Svakom says that the Mini Emma is submergible, so it can be fully submerged for cleaning with soap and water. If you like more intense cleaning, you can drop it into a 10% bleach solution, and then rinse it. Since the Deer Ear attachment is silicone without electrical components, it can be boiled for 3-5 minutes.


  • Submergible
  • 1 yr warranty / 10 yr quality guarantee 7Svakom will provide a 50% discount on another toy if yours stops working within 10 years.
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile attachment, especially as a penis-toy
  • Good for gender play
  • Good for frenulum stimulation (with the attachment)
  • Relatively cheap for the amount of power


  • Not especially rumbly
  • Confusing pattern order / control
  • Indentations that may be difficult to clean
  • SUPER gendered marketing (“Wand Vibrator for Women” and it only comes in pink & purple)8Though, arguably, colors don’t have genders!

This toy was won in a giveaway. I am not receiving anything in exchange for this review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 Which really means pink
2 Not something a lot of wand style vibes can boast!
3 though both of these have more bulbs that are spread out, vs. the Mini Emma’s singular rounded bulb.
4 I haven’t yet really tried this, though I will update this review if/when I do.
5 However, buying sex toys on Amazon is almost always a bad idea.
6 There are many fake versions of things, and most amazon retailers will not fulfill warranties
7 Svakom will provide a 50% discount on another toy if yours stops working within 10 years.
8 Though, arguably, colors don’t have genders!