Crystal Delights Princess Plug

I used to be the kind of person who really didn’t get straight anal sex (and by straight anal sex, I mean a cisgirl being anally penetrated by a cisguy). It made sense to me for (cismale) gay sex, since the receiving end has a prostate to be pleasured, but in straight sex I saw it as something that only the penis-haver could possibly enjoy. It felt un-feminist of me to be curious by and interested in anal, because it felt like putting someone else’s motives and pleasures above my own. But my favorite reviewers wrote about butt toys they love, so I inched closer and closer to asking a partner to get in my butt.

It finally happened after lots of lube and warming up and I thought it was a fluke because I loved it. After trying anal again, and again, and again, I knew it couldn’t be a happenstance. There were times when I was on antidepressants when vaginal stimulation wasn’t enough, and anal sex saved me and my orgasms. When I moved across the country from my partner, I still wanted anal sex but didn’t have toys that approximated it in the way I wanted. Enter Crystal Delights Princess Plugs.


Crystal Delights makes fantastic glass butt plugs. A lot of people are concerned by the combination of glass+butt but1heh. Crystal Delights toys are made of a high quality borosilicate glass, just like the Pyrex you’ve dropped a thousand times in your kitchen. Lilly wrote a whole article about glass safety, showing how well made Crystal Delights toys are. This particular plug is one of the Princess Plugs, with a short stem and a small bulb. Crystal Delights lists these as 3.3” long (with 2.8” insertable) and 1.3” bulb diameter, which is roughly what I measured myself. There may be slight variance, since these toys are individually made. My toy is pink glass with a pink Swarovski crystal, a design not currently available on the website (though very similar designs are).

This top of this toy is tapered so nicely that insertion is a breeze. Still, always use lube when doing any kind of butt stuff. Since this toy is glass, you can use it with any kind of lube.


Glass toys have grown on me because of how easy they are to use and clean. Unlike some silicones, glass doesn’t eat up your lube2Looking at you, Fun Factory. AND it works with any kind of lube. With anal toys, I really like pressure and not too much dragging, so the lack of friction that comes from glass toys is really superb. Once again, I tout my laziness and love this Crystal Delight toy in particular because it allows me to insert it with a bit of lube and almost no warming up. The small size is ideal for beginners and folks who don’t want to warm up with their fingers.

I love this toy (and anal toys in general) especially on days when clitoral stim just isn’t getting me there. If I find it hard to climax, adding a butt toy gives me the extra stimulation I love that takes me over the top. I don’t often do vaginal stimulation + anal stimulation, because butt stim and clit stim feel so good together, and I rarely crave vaginal stimulation without a partner. However, the times I have used the Princess Plug with a partner or with a dildo in my vag, I haven’t felt especially full. I imagine this is due to the smaller size of this particular Princess plug but I’m totally fine with that. It’s still enough to remind me that it’s there and set off my happy butt nerve endings.

This is also a toy that I really like to wear around partners because it’s just so pretty. That Swarovski crystal does make me feel like a princess and, in the right light, it gives off its own light show. I have even surprised my partner by wearing it under clothes, though it’s not an especially comfortable plug to wear for a long period of time. The rounded bottom doesn’t sit flat between my cheeks like other plugs (for example, the Tantus Ryder.) and, occasionally if I’ve worn it for an extended period of time, my butt decides to reject it. I suspect this is because it’s so small so I don’t really mind. This is a toy I use for a quick orgasm or on my way up to bigger toys.

If fecal matter freaks you out/offends you, stop here (but also like, why are you reading a butt toy review?).

There have been a couple times when I have used this toy and it has come out less than clean. That’s probably because I don’t clean out my asshole before I insert it unless I have literally just been in the shower/tub where it’s convenient. With other toys, I make more of an effort  to clean my butthole. Because I know the glass Princess Plug is literally so easy to clean, I don’t really bother. Besides, glass doesn’t hold any smell, so I don’t have to worry about anything staying on my toy between removing it from my butt and washing it off.


Order a Crystal Delights butt plug from Peepshow toys for $69, or SheVibe for $79.


Crystal  Delights Princess Plugs are made of borosilicate glass and swarovski crystals (or other decorative elements) and have no electrical components. They can be washed with soap and water, or dipped in a 10% bleach solution and then rinsed. Boiling is not recommended as it can separate the decorative element from the glass.

Glass is nonporous and can be used with any kind of lube.


  • Temperature play
  • Almost no drag/friction
  • Smaller is good for beginners & warming up
  • Makes your butt pretty


  • Smaller size might disappoint folks who want more stimulation
  • Though unlikely, glass can chip & break
  • Higher price than some glass toys

This toy was purchased with my own money, and I am not receiving anything in exchange for this review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 heh.
2 Looking at you, Fun Factory.