Miss on the Go

Crowdfunding sex toys has become more and more inviting, especially for those seeking to bring new toy designs to market but who lack the capital to fund them out of pocket. In some cases, these toys are awesome (like the Crave Vesper or Tantus Rumble) or at least innovative (like the Dame Eva), but in other cases they are downright stupid or even infringe on copyrights.1This last toy is very very close to a Fun Factory design The toy in this review, Miss On the Go was the result of one such crowdfunded venture. I was really excited when Miss VV asked me to review the Miss on the Go (MotG), since having a strong vag is something I am all about and I didn’t yet own vibrating kegel balls. As I anticipated the toy’s arrival, a few reviewers mentioned that the toy didn’t work well with the app and my concerns began to grow.


The MotG is a strand of 2 vibrating kegel balls covered entirely in red silicone. It measures 3.75” in length and 1.4” at their widest point (with a ringed, non-flexible neck between the two balls). The top ball is tapered and slightly smaller than the lower ball. There is a long cord (5.7” according to the website) extending from the lower end, which holds the bluetooth antenna for the toy. It is rechargeable with a DC pin charging point in the middle back of the lower ball and takes roughly 3 hours for a full charge. The manual says it will go for up to 2.5 hours on the highest speed when fully charged, though I didn’t test this. Opposite the charging point is the power button, which is the only button on the toy. To turn it on, hold down the button until the light flashes above the button. This means the toy is ready to connect to the app on your phone.

To use the toy in manual mode, click the power button once from the flashing light. Most of the vibration comes from the higher ball, which leads me to believe that’s where the motor is. Clicking the power button again (up to twice) will bring you to a higher power; on the third click, you will be brought to one of two patterns. On the fifth click, the toy goes back to the flashing light. To turn it off, hold down the button at any point.

You are connected

To use the toy with the app, you have to download the app (Miss on the Go) and make an account. You also need to have the bluetooth on your phone turned on. In the app, click the menu (three horizontal bars in the upper left corner) and click ‘Device.’ The app will then ask you to connect your device and, once selected, will ask for a password (which is ‘000000’). Once connected, you can choose ‘My Own Pleasure’ which lets you control & switch between any of the power settings and patterns; ‘Strong is the New Sexy’ is a minute long training session where the MotG vibrates for 10 or so seconds, then stops and repeats; or ‘Let the Game Begin’ is a social mode. In game mode, you can allow anyone with the app to control your MotG. It lets you click any profile and alerts that user that you would like to play with them. As soon as someone connects, they can begin controlling the toy. From your end, you can rate your partner’s performance while chatting with them (“Come On, Turn Me On!”, “Yeah keep Going” and “You’re a Champ!”) which they will see and may affect how they choose to control the vibrations.

Chat with self
Toy owner’s screen
chat with self plus rating
Toy controller’s screen

You can also send pictures within the app. Once you choose to disconnect from your partner, you must rate them from 1-5 stars. The toy must always be shut off manually.


This review took a very long time to write, because I wanted to exhaust every avenue possible with the MotG. Of all the times I attempted to connect the MotG to the app, it worked once for a very short period of time as the phone I was using died. I knew from the get-go that my own cell phone wouldn’t work with MotG because I downloaded the app prior to receiving the toy and discovered a failure with bluetooth compatibility. However, my partner’s phone was supposed to be compatible and yet it struggled so much. I wasn’t surprised since other reviewers complained about the incompatibility with Android phones.

My choices for gender were 'White Dude Tying his Tye (Male)' or "Sexy Legs (Female)'
My choices for gender were ‘
White Dude Tying his Tye (Male)’
or “Sexy Legs (Female)’

Okay so first things first, this whole thing is incredibly gendered. Yikes. Arguably, it is a toy called MISS on the Go but it gets worse and worse within the app. Your choices for gender are only Male and Female and choosing one or the other makes your avatar a White Dude Tying His Tie or Sexy Pair of Legs (respectively). When you want to connect to a partner, you have to decide if you are feeling more submissive or more dominant, which is interesting but  unnecessary. Plus, the app doesn’t even show your partner that information until you start a game with them. It would be better if the partner had to say what they felt more like that day to allow the toy owner to decide if they wanted someone more submissive or dominant. Choosing a partner is kind of a crapshoot, because the only information you get about them is their username, age, and whatever they decide to put in their description (usually nothing). It also doesn’t say who is online at any time so the first few people I tried to connect with never accepted my invitation. The app can send you a notification if someone wants to connect but adding an online/offline feature would go a long way toward actually being useable as a fast and fun game.

Waiting to connect

The process of connecting the MotG to a phone involves typing a password EVERYTIME you want to connect the toy, which annoys and confuses me. I don’t really understand the necessity of that step. Are we worried that someone is going to hack my kegel exerciser? Giving a password of ‘000000’ (which cannot be changed) doesn’t really instill trust that someone couldn’t hack it, but, even if they did, they’d need the app first and chances are their phone’s incompatible anyway.

The other app-controlled toys I am most familiar with are from We-Vibe:  the Nova, Rave, and Sync. We Connect, We-Vibe’s app, is much more user-friendly, gender neutral, and doesn’t need an account or password to use/connect. Though I have had some issues with connectivity on We-Vibe’s toys, I can always connect to my toys and I don’t need to type in a password.

My Own Pleasure not connected
Strong is the New Sexy not connected
Chat with stranger

The first time I tried the MotG out, the app wouldn’t even show me my toy in the screen asking me to connect the toy, despite it being connected via bluetooth. When I tried again a few days later and was able to find and then connect to the toy (repeatedly disconnecting, turning off, and ‘forgetting’ the toy via bluetooth), the app told me it wasn’t connected when I tried to play with it (even after connecting it) or never actually allowed me to change any of the power settings when it did say it was connected. When I tried to play the game with a stranger, they couldn’t change the power levels on it. Right before publishing my review, I had a friend with an iPhone who let me try it out on their phone to see if the app was any less glitchy. The toy connected right away and, for the first time, I was able to see how the solo parts of the app work without it disconnecting randomly. However, as soon as we clicked to play the “game,” the app crashed. Every time.

The MotG can be used manually but it’s not the easiest thing. The toy has to be set on the power you want before insertion. If you want to change the setting, you have to pop at least half of it out of your vagina and feel for the button to change the setting. The incredibly long cord (longer than the insertable part of the toy) is designed to be a bluetooth antenna so the app can connect even when MotG is deep inside you. An easy solution to changing settings during internal use would be to put controls on the end of the cord. It might not be the easiest thing for the manufacturer but it would make me more likely to use and recommend this toy. Especially if I didn’t have to (uncomfortably) remove at least half of it any time I wanted to change the settings. It would certainly be less messy.

Miss on the Go Close up
Indents. Why.

On the note of mess, cleaning the Miss on the Go sucks. Had Miss VV talked to reviewers before the toy went live or shown prototypes to users, we would have been quick to point out how awful the indented logo is. I am all for logos being put on toys but DO NOT INDENT THEM. Indented ANYTHING is the best way for a great non-porous toy to hold on to excess bodily fluids. Not only is the logo indented but the rings around the neck of the toy also create tiny places for vag gunk to hang out. And finally, sex toy companies: PLEASE STOP MAKING DC PIN CHARGING POINTS THAT GO INSIDE A BODY. Not only does this usually make the toy only ‘splashproof’ (vs. waterproof–though, the Miss on the Go claims to be waterproof), it is just asking to get clogged. It’s almost 2017. Magnetic & wireless charging is a thing now. It’s great, try it.

All that said, the vibrations on the Miss on the Go are not half bad. They are deliciously rumbly and the patterns aren’t too stupid. The highest setting on the MotG is roughly comparable to the lowest setting on the We-Vibe Tango, an impressive feat for something as new & small as MotG. The instruction manual does not recommend using MotG during sexual intercourse and I didn’t try cramming anything else in my vag while using it (it has zero flexibility except in the cord), but I did try it vaginally while having anal sex. On my end, I definitely felt like there was less room for my partner to move around, but it wasn’t all that different from when I have PiV2Penis in Vagina sex with my Ryder butt plug. Turning the toy on and leaving it inside absolutely teased me, though I never got off with its internal stimulation alone. Wearing the MotG while blowing my partner really turned me on and I wish that he had been able to control it from the app to reward me with higher power for better licks & sucks, but alas. If I wanted a different power setting, I had to awkwardly pop a ball out and feel around til I could find the power button, then pop it back in. When I climaxed, I couldn’t immediately turn the toy off manually (without removing it), but it was kind cool to be forced to feel the orgasm ride through my body while the toy still stimulated me internally.

Though the presentation and marketing of the Miss on the Go are very clean and crisp, 3I do really like the quality of the packaging even though the girl on the front reminds me of a dumb fashion game my teenage sister plays it doesn’t seem like Miss VV took the time to get feedback on her toy/app before presenting them to the public. Had she done more research (especially in the sex toy reviewer blogsquad), I think this toy could have been really great. It wouldn’t be so gendered, it would be easier to clean, and there would be more options if your phone was picky.

Maybe it’s because all of the phones that tried to connect to the MotG are older or maybe it is a really glitchy app. Either way, I can’t recommend spending $170 on something that might not actually work. UPDATE: This toy is no longer available. For kegel balls that have an app that’s also long distance compatible, try the OhMiBod Krush or We-Vibe Bloom.


This toy is covered completely in silicone, which can bond with silicone based lube. I recommend a water based lube so you don’t run the risk of ruining your toy.

Though it charges with a DC input, Miss VV says that the Miss on the Go is submergible so it can be fully submerged for cleaning with soap and water. If you like more intense cleaning, you can drop it into a 10% bleach solution, then rinse it thoroughly with water. Be sure to check all the small crevices on the toy (I have a designated old toothbrush specfically for this).


  • More discreet than other app-controlled kegel exercisers
  • Rumbly vibration
  • Quality packaging


  • Not enjoyable to use manually (without the app)
  • Could be stronger
  • Very gendered
  • Easy to collect bodily gunk because of indented logo
  • App issues

This toy was generously provided to me by Miss VV’s Mystery in exchange for an honest review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 This last toy is very very close to a Fun Factory design
2 Penis in Vagina
3 I do really like the quality of the packaging even though the girl on the front reminds me of a dumb fashion game my teenage sister plays