Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable (aka Hitachi)

This review falls into the category of “it goes without saying.” Everyone and their mother (for real) have written home about the wonders of the Vibratex Magic Wand (nee Hitachi), so here I am, adding to the pile. I did not think I would love the Magic Wand. There are toys I like, toys I love, and then there are toys that make me completely change my mind about the kind of stimulation that gets me off & that I get sad thinking about not being able to use for five days. Thoughts like “I wonder if I could waterproof this and bring it in the bath with me…” have definitely crossed my mind. This is a toy I love so much that I made stained glass and earrings of it. 1Which, btw, you can get for $2 off the price with code TWIXT


The Vibratex Magic Wand is 12” long and 2.25” wide at it’s largest point. The rechargeable version features a head made of silicone (the original features a vinyl head,  which is porous) and the body is made from a hard ABS plastic. On the original, there were only two settings (casually referred to as “Oh My God” and “Oh my Fucking God”), while the rechargeable version features 4 power settings and 4 different patterns. The Magic Wand Rechargeable (MWR) is turned on by pressing the power button, which starts it on the lowest setting. The power can be raised by pressing the middle button and blue lights show what power level the toy is currently at. Pressing the third button (the one with ~ on it) changes it to patterns. At any time, the MWR can be switched from patterns to steady by pressing the middle button (or vice versa by pressing the bottom button), though it will always start on the lowest power or first pattern.

The MWR can be used corded or cordless. When unplugged, it can last 4.5 hours on high (Epiphora has tested this) but it automatically shuts off after 20 minutes, which is far too cruel. It takes 3 hours to recharge completely but can overheat if left on the charger too long, so this is not a set and forget toy when it comes to charging.


I was not yet converted the first time I used the Magic Wand and I came way faster than I thought I would. I was converted when I could finally use the  higher powers on it and really appreciate the patterns.

I thought that I loved pinpoint stimulation. I thought that me and my Tango were inseparable and that I didn’t need another powerful vibrator because I could do so much with so little. I was wrong. I decided I would finally try out the Magic Wand after talking to Kate about it, where we discussed how, even for folks who don’t like diffused vibration, tilting the Magic Wand to the side and using a corner on your clit could make it more precise. I should have listened to her sooner. Since moving to my own apartment (and no longer feeling self-conscious of housemates hearing), I feel more inclined to use my Magic Wand. I can open up an episode of CrashPad Series2Amazing ethical queer porn. and slowly increase the power up from the lowest and rumbliest setting until my toes curl and my eyes clench shut and my orgasm shakes my whole body. I don’t find that my orgasms are longer with the Magic Wand, but they are definitely more powerful and satisfying.

The thing about pinpoint vibration (like that created by the We-Vibe Tango) is that it’s easy to get over sensitized shortly after orgasm. Plus, the stimulation comes from one specific place. With the Magic Wand, I feel the vibration throughout my nether region. It shakes my whole vulva and I can feel it deep into the internal nodes of my clit. I don’t want to use other toys. The one time I let the Magic Wand get low enough for the battery to die in the middle of a session, switching to the Tango was a very different sensation. Where I can coax out my orgasm with other vibrators, the strength of the Magic Wand easily brings me really close and then practically shakes the orgasm out of me. If it sounds awful, it is the opposite of that. The MWR literally feels like it is vibrating an orgasm from the inside of my body all the way to my external clit.

This is not necessarily an easy toy to use with a partner. The MWR is a vulva hog. You can totally smash it up against a dildo and the vibrations will travel even more internally. Internal stimulation isn’t really my jam during solo-play, but if it is for you, the MWR is still GREAT.


Yes, it is a $125+ toy. Yes, it is loud. But there’s a reason this toy has been a favorite for more than 30 years and it’s not because it’s really nice on sore shoulders. If this review convinces even  one person to buy the Magic Wand (from Early to Bed, Lovehoney, Peepshow Toys, Come as You Are, The Stockroom, or SheVibe), then I will be content (and likely so will the buyer).


The head of the Magic Wand (the part designed to come in contact with genitals) is covered completely in silicone, which can bond with silicone based lube. I recommend a water based lube (like Sliquid) so you don’t run the risk of ruining your toy.

The Magic Wand is NOT splashproof, waterproof, or able to be submerged in any liquid.3Unfortunately The head can be cleaned with a damp washcloth, or your own 10% bleach solution that is then thoroughly wiped off.


  • Rumbly
  • Powerful as HELL
  • Amazing
  • I love you
  • Gonna go use you again right now


  • Pricey
  • Large (and heavy)
  • Harder to seamlessly add to partnered play
  • Loud
  • Leaving it on a charger can overheat & ruin the toy.
  • Not waterproof (but I can’t have everything, can I?)

This toy was a gift, but I am not receiving anything in exchange for this review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchase through my affiliate links.


1 Which, btw, you can get for $2 off the price with code TWIXT
2 Amazing ethical queer porn.
3 Unfortunately