Svakom Echo

As a sex toy reviewer, you sometimes get to partner with really amazing sex toy companies who send you toys in exchange for honest reviews. Other times, you get emails in broken English offering toys at 90% discounts from Amazon. And, as a newer reviewer who recognized the brand name, I figured why not? That’s how I came to own the Svakom Echo for a mere 40 cents.


Svakom describes the Echo as a ‘seductive tongue’ which is probably the least seductive thing I’ve heard, though I guess it is roughly the shape of a tongue. At about 3.5” long and 15” wide, it comes in Plum Red (read: pink), Khaki,1why??? Black, Pale Pink (because one version of pink wasn’t enough), and Violet. It is rechargeable and purports that an hour’s charge lasts for an hour of continuous use, though I haven’t tested this. All along the side is an indented seam. The front of the toy is arched and features a button that clicks up or down, as well as the DC pin input.

Echo starts on the third power setting and can go up to 5. To turn the toy on, hold either arrow down for two seconds until the the button lights up. After that, holding either side of the button down for 2 seconds (til the light flashes twice) will turn off the power. Like many of Svakom’s other toys, Echo has patterns, which can be reached by pressing any button quickly twice. Adust the power on each pattern with the up and down buttons.To change patterns, press up or down quickly twice.

The motor feels like it’s located mostly in the top of the toy (if you orient the toy so the ‘SVAKOM’ indented on the back is the correct way), which makes sense since the other end is the charging port and probably should be farther away from bodily fluids. However, when using this toy, it becomes necessary to use it upside down, which means the ‘up’ arrow is actually pointing towards your junk and I definitely forgot which direction button did which thing several times while using this toy.


My intuition says to use this toy with the buttons facing me and the logo facing away. Oriented like this, it has a more ergonomic curve, which made me think I could use it as a partnered toy. I wavered back and forth about using Echo with a partner. On one hand, I feel that most folks using toys choose to use them solo. Plus, the marketing of “partner” or “couples’” toys is kind of bullshit, because most toys can’t possibly work with every conceivable combination of genitalia (nor are they marketed to– most ‘couples’ toys’ are marketed to cis/hetero partners). Before I tried this toy with my partner, I tried it on it’s own… and it was very blah and even more bland.

Know what’s kinda trash? Pringle crumbs.
Also this vibrator.

The best (and, for the most part, only) orgasms I’ve gotten from Echo were grinding against it. Sometimes it felt good to use this toy on top of my clit, like how I use Tango, but I couldn’t get off no matter how I tried. I really hoped that this toy would be ideal for use with a harness because the curve of the Echo implied that it could work as a panty vibe. Though it didn’t fit inside the pocket for vibrators built into my Spareparts Joque, I tried wearing Echo inside a pair of underwear under the harness. If you read my articles on the Tantus Pack n Play or NYTC Shilo, then you know I find it really nice, gender-wise, to jerk off as though I have a bio-cock. The We-Vibe Sync and Tango are great for this, and I hoped the Echo would be as well. Unfortunately, since the buttons are placed towards what I would describe as the inside of this toy, anytime I tried to jerk off cock-in-hand, the toy would turn off. Since holding down either button for two seconds turns the toy off, it doesn’t matter which button my anatomy is pressed against and I have to have a hand creating space between the toy and my body at all times, so I don’t accidentally turn it off.

I had the same issue when I tried to use it with a partner during missionary style PIV2Penis-in-vagina sex. If I didn’t have a hand separating Echo from me, within five seconds, it would be off. I managed to get off, because I usually do when adding vibration to penetrative sex, but I would have gotten off without the addition of Echo. If Svakom made this toy so that it was remote or app controlled, it might be a good panty vibe. Maybe, but only if you didn’t ever want to press hard against it, or if the buttons were on the other side.

Svakom Echo side

The vibration quality tends toward buzziness rather than rumbliness. It doesn’t go deep into my body, so actually achieving any kind of climax with this toy takes time and effort (and I’m lazy). The orgasms with this toy are pretty weak. Maybe I’m supposed to use the toy with ‘SVAKOM’ facing me, though upside down. But that’s a weird hand and wrist position, which would be horrible for anyone with any kind of dexterity pain or impairments. Maybe I am supposed to put the toy against my labia with the motor at my clit, but that means the toy will get lube & vag goo all up in the charging port and it means I couldn’t use something insertable with it. If you know of a better way to use the Echo, please let me know because I can’t seem to find it.


Svakom’s website lists the toy for $98 but I really don’t think it’s worth that. My Echo was ordered from Amazon (though several bloggers & I STRONGLY suggest you don’t purchase toys on Amazon, as there are tons of counterfeits and many instances where companies won’t honor warranties of Amazon-purchased toys) through this link, with a price of $39 but even that is too expensive. If the idea of a small & quiet grinding toy seems ideal to you and you’re willing to sacrifice power/rumbliness, go for it. If you want something just as small but way more powerful and you’re willing to spend an additional $30, the We-Vibe Tango is useful in a multitude of ways and won’t turn off in the middle of your session.

Since this toy’s exterior is ABS plastic, you can use any kind of lube with it (though the manual recommends against using silicone lube). The manual directs the user to scrub the toy and then wash it with water but it’s unclear whether or not this toy is splash proof/submergible.


  • Quiet


  • Gendered marketing
  • Poorly placed buttons
  • Weak & buzzy vibration

This toy was provided to me by a Svakom retailer in exchange for an honest review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 why???
2 Penis-in-vagina