Tom of Finland Hammer/Nightstick Vibe

I laughed at the Tom of Finland Hammer/Nightstick Vibe when I first saw it while working a Tom of Finland party at The Pleasure Chest. I laughed in a way that said, “Of COURSE there’s a vibrator shaped like a hammer/nightstick.” Companies like OxBalls make a variety of creative insertables (including the Alien Tail Cocksling /Buttplug/Tail) though most of these are made of porous materials. Upon inspection, I found that  this Tom of Finland creation is made with a really smooth silicone. Though TOF is notoriously a gay (cis) male oriented company, I see many uses for the hammer attachment that would bode well for folks with clits and then I simply had to have it.


Measuring 1.5” in diameter and 11.5” long without any attachments, the TOF Hammer/Nightstick vibe simply looks like a cylinder, primarily composed of a matte ABS plastic. The bottom unscrews, so you can put the 4 AA batteries this toy requires into a plastic sheath. Getting the batteries in isn’t hard, but getting the batteries out is, even with my relatively long nails. At the top of the toy is a slightly flexible silicone nub and 2.25” of this nub goes inside the attachments. Below the head/neck of this nub, the Tom of Finland Logo sits above the control panel. The control panel  consists of a power button (bottom) and a pattern button. Pressing the power button once turns the toy on at its lowest speed. It also lights one of the dashes in the display.

At the lowest power, the toy is actually surprisingly rumbly. Pressing the silicone head (sans attachment) into the meaty palm of my hand, the vibration travels almost up to my elbow. However, pressing the pattern button to raise the power (as well as turn on the second display light), the vibration doesn’t travel any further up my arm. The third power setting is just buzzier and makes my hand itchy if I press it there for more than 30 seconds. After the third power setting, the Nightstick/Hammer Vibe enters its pattern settings. . . NINE pattern settings. 1Why??? Patterns 5-7 seem semi-decent but I just don’t care enough to use patterns with this toy.

Both attachments can come completely off the toy, though I believe it comes with the hammer attached in the box. The hammer head is about 2.5” tall and 5.25” wide from face to claw. 2I had to look up parts of a hammer to know this terminology. Did you know hammers have cheeks? The nightstick attachment is 6” tall, the same width as the rest of the toy except for 3 small ridges placed equidistant from each other.


The original appeal of this toy came from the back side of the hammer attachment.3Who DOESN’T want to put a hammer inside themselves? The claw reminds me of the JimmyJane Form 2, a toy I have never used but is incredibly popular among other reviewers. Using the claw creates a unique sensation: vibration not directly on top of my external clit but rather surrounding it on either side. Plus the curve of the claws means the vibration extends towards the entrance of my vagina, which is a particularly sensitive & erogenous zone for me. The other great thing to do with the hammer is put the face & bell/poll in your ass. It has a neck, so it works like a weirdly shaped butt plug (though it can be awkward to maneuver). My ass isn’t super particular when it comes to rumbly vs. buzzy vibration, so the power on this toy was juuuuuuust fine for that, plus the buttons being so high on the handle made it easy to control. Should you buy this as a butt plug? No. Should you consider using it in a myriad of ways which includes using at a butt plug? YES.

I do not care for the nightstick attachment at all. It has no curve, so it wouldn’t be able to hit my g-spot. It’s flexible enough to create internal vibration and almost hit my clit when I angle it towards me, but it just pops out of my vag when I do get clit stim I like. It’s also too wide to comfortably use as an anal toy for me, since there’s no neck for my anal opening to grasp around– but then I MUCH prefer plugs to anal dildos. If you do want to use the Nightstick attachment as an anal toy, be aware that it doesn’t have a flange so the Nightstick attachment could separate from the rest of the toy & get lost inside ya.

The attachments stay on the toy pretty well since they have a lip that holds them on. This, however, creates a unique problem because bodily fluids love to get caught in that lip/along the neck of the vibrator. In fact, bodily gunk really likes to stick to all the silicone in this toy and its attachments. To remedy this, I have an old toothbrush specifically dedicated to cleaning small crevices on sex toys. Even after a once over, I find there are places I’ve missed after the Hammer/Nightstick vibe dries.

The vibration on the Hammer/Nightstick Vibe is not especially strong, but that’s to be expected from a toy powered by batteries. I don’t want to like a battery operated toy. From my experience, batteries can’t come anywhere near the power/rumbliness of toys that are corded or rechargeable. Plus batteries corrode if they get wet at all, batteries die, and batteries have to be replaced. Ugh, batteries. This can get expensive in a toy that requires 4 AA batteries to work. I’m not made of money (or batteries), so I haven’t tested how long the batteries in the Hammer/Nightstick vibe last. I have noticed that the silicone end of the toy (the one with the motor in it) heats up quite a lot with longer use. Again, this is less than ideal because it could mean the motor /internal pieces will melt.

Okay but… I wanted this toy since the time I didn’t buy it when I worked at the Pleasure Chest (which was over a year ago at the time of writing). When I got a giftcard to SheVibe, I went to buy it and was crushed to find out it was discontinued. Luckily, my tweet asking where I could reputably purchase this toy was answered by Peepshow Toys feeding into fantasies of Tina Horn showing up to my door as a sleazy repair man with the Hammer/Nightstick vibe in hand. Mmf. I’m glad I own this toy, even if it’s not gonna be a go-to toy. It’s perfect for certain roleplay scenarios. It’s a talking piece. It can get me off but it’s work. I was surprised when I did get off the first time with this toy, but it was also probably because I forbid myself from using my Magic Wand until I got through some of my review-waiting-list.


Unfortunately it seems that the TOF Hammer/Nighstick vibe has been discontinued. It is still available from a few places, but I cannot speak to how reputable these sites are. I’ve seen it priced anywhere from ~$60 to $145. Do I think it’s worth that? At $60, if you/a partner are really into roleplay as a mechanic/repair person/police officer & want something body safe for these scenes, then yes. There’s not really anything else on the market like this.4That I’m aware of… If you want a (more powerful) toy that stimulates either side of your clit, I recommend the Vibease Emerald; for a penis, the Svakom Mini Emma with Deer Ears.


The attachments (designed to interact with genitals) are made entirely out of silicone which can bond to silicone lube, so water based lube is recommended.

The TOF Hammer/Nightstick Vibe is water resistant/splashproof, so can be wiped down with a soapy washcloth or 10% bleach solution, then wiped down with just water; the attachments are 100% silicone so they can be washed with soapy water, dipped in a 10% bleach solution then rinsed, or boiled for 3-5 minutes to sanitize. Pay special attention to the neck of the toy and any crevices that came in contact with bodily fluid when cleaning.


  • Unique shape
  • A lot of unique uses
  • The only toy like this


  • Battery operated
  • Not very rumbly
  • Can get gunk everywhere

This toy was purchased with a generous discount from Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 Why???
2 I had to look up parts of a hammer to know this terminology. Did you know hammers have cheeks?
3 Who DOESN’T want to put a hammer inside themselves?
4 That I’m aware of…