Guide to Beginner Butt Plugs

I’m not an anal expert by any means, but I’d say I know my way around the average butthole. Given that I’m known around friends as the resident sex toy expert, I’m often asked for what I recommend as a beginner butt plug. So why not create a list of recommendations that I can easily link folks to1Looking at you, Tinder boys without spending a bunch of hours manually going through all the sites I like each time someone asks?

So I present to you: Max Impakt’s Guide to Beginner Butt Plugs!

A few caveats about any anal play:


oh my god, use lube. Butts are not self-lubricating (whereas vaginas are) and you’ll be more prone to a) discomfort and b) anal tearing (YIKES!!!) if you don’t use lube!

I recommend silicone lube (buy from Early to BedSheVibe, or Peepshow Toys) if your toy isn’t made of silicone,

…or Sliquid Sassy (buy from Tantus, Early to Bed, Lovehoney, SheVibe, Peepshow Toys, or Come As You Are) which is a water based lube made with butts in mind.


Tbh, don’t use numbing agents with ANY sex stuff2unless that’s a kink that you and your partner(s) have negotiated ahead of time because sex is fun to feel, and if something feels bad you should stop doing it. If your ass3or any part of you is in pain, that’s a sign you need to check in with your body and partner(s).


Ideally before but definitely after. Do not go butt-to-other-orifice without cleaning because bacteria travels!!! Similar to “wipe front to back,” you’ll want your butt’s stuff to stay separate from your other holes. This is not an article where I tell you how to clean your butthole. There are loads of guides on enemas and cleaning your bum, and/or you can do anal play in the shower if that’s your jam. But always, always clean your toy after it gets some ass time.


Your butt is a blackhole that wants to internalize anything you give it. Any toy used anally needs to have a flared base wider than the widest point of the toy. I don’t recommend toys with loops4except the We-Vibe Dusk but ONLY! If you’re using it with a Tango/similar vibe at the end because these can squish down and be internalized. Some of the toys in this article have round/circular bases, which is more traditional, while others (especially the Tantus toys) have more of a crescent or wedge shape–these are more comfy for longer term wear, since they fit really nicely between butt cheeks. If your butt toy isn’t flared, you may find yourself taking an unpleasant trip to the ER for removal and do you really want to explain your ass to a doctor?

All of the toys I recommend are made of body safe materials that will not retain a smell if properly cleaned. They are non-porous and can be sterilized. For all of these materials, clean with soap and water, or sterilize using a 10% bleach solution. This list includes both singular toys as well as sets just in case you’re thinking about the future. In general, toys are listed price=low to high.

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Sliquid Sassy and We-Vibe Dusk


The most forgiving of the materials I list here, silicone can cause a bit more friction and/or require more lube than other materials. Some silicone toys can be used with some silicone lubes, but they can also chemically interact so I prefer to use water-based lube (see above for links to Sliquid Sassy, my fave). Toys that are 100% silicone can be brought to a boil and boiled for 3-5 minutes to clean them.

CalExotics Booty Call Booty Rocker
The least expensive item, this butt plug is slightly tapered, closer to a finger than a bulb
for $10 from SheVibe in Black, Pink or Purple

Doc Johnson Platinum End Anal Trainer (Kit)
These butt plugs have thicker necks so might be less comfortable for longer term wear, but better if you’re planning on working towards dildo or penis penetration
for $13 for the smallest size from SheVibe in Black or in Purple.

Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Silicone The Mini plug
Similar to the above CalEx butt plug, this one is a bit more rounded but still closer to a finger than a bulb
for $14 from SheVibe

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Collection Mini Silicone Plug5heads up, Pipedream is kind of a shitty company but I wanted to include this plug because it is a cheap option & SheVibe is a reputable website
This toy is shorter and thicker, so it’d give more of a feeling of fullness
for $13 from SheVibe

Fifty Shades of Grey Driven by Desire
This toy has a curve that could stimulate the prostate or g-spot
for $16 from SheVibe

Lovehoney Classic Silicone Beginner’s Butt Plug
A super basic shape, long and thin
for $15 from Lovehoney

Doc Johnson Mood Plug(s)
More of a bulb but a thinner neck on these, so more ideal for longer term wear
for $20 for the smallest plug at SheVibe in Black or Pink, $18-$26 at Early to Bed , or $17 for the smallest plug at Lovehoney

Doc Johnson Naughty Plug(s)
These are slightly curved & wider, more ideal for a feeling of fullness and prostate or g-spot stimulation
for $18 for the smallest size at Early to Bed

Fuze Pleasure Plug 1
Thinner & longer shape, closer to a finger than a bulb with a wedge shaped base
for $20 from SheVibe, or for CAD $21 from Come As You Are

Luxe Beginner Plug Kit
Tbh I’d be a little wary of that base, but the price point for three longer skinny tapered toys is unbeatable.
$23 from Peepshow Toys
$24 from SheVibe

Cloud 9 Gems Jeweled Silicone Anal Kit
Traditional tear-drop shape with pretty crystals in the base for blinging your butt.
$23 from SheVibe for all three (a STEAL!)
$32 from Peepshow Toys

Tantus Perfect Plug
This plug has a taper and then a small bulb, so inserting it will give you more stimulation. The neck is long & thin which will bring more comfort for longer term wear.
$27 from SheVibe in Black or Purple, or $34 direct from Tantus

Rocks Off Petite Sensations Plug
This is the least expensive vibrating plug on the list, and could be used with more powerful bullet vibes. The detail work on the base might be annoying to clean,
for $25 from SheVibe in Black or Purple

Tantus Little Flirt
Thinnest at the top & neck, this plug widens in the middle slightly
for $28 at SheVibe in Black or Purple, $29 at Peepshow Toys, or $31 direct from Tantus

Doc Johnson American Pop! Launch! Silicone Anal Trainer Set
This is probably the best deal on a set of plugs because it’s 3 for just over $30!
for $47 from SheVibe in Blue or Pink or Purple (only $34!)

Tantus Perfect Plug Kit
Includes the Perfect Plug and Perfect Plug Plus which is a slightly larger plug that comes with a bullet vibe!
 $50 at SheVibe in Black or Purple, or $63 at Tantus

Fun Factory Bootie (3 Piece Set)
Bootie plugs have a wedge base and are curved for prostate or g-spot stimulation
Small bootie only: for $35 from SheVibe in Purple or Black, from Peepshow Toys, or for CAD$45 from Come As You Are
Set of 3: for $100 from SheVibe

Nexus Anal Starter Kit
All made in the same style, these toys range from just over 2.75″ to 3.9″ They’re all a little more on the girthy side, so I’d probably only recommend these after you’ve used your/your partners fingers for butt stuff previously. 
$50 for a set of 3 from SheVibe

We-Vibe Tango Dusk Pleasure Mate Plug
If you have the We-Vibe Tango or another bullet vibe you really like, this is an attachment. I don’t recommend using this on it’s own since the loop could easily go up ya butt!!
for $49 at Peepshow Toys

We-Vibe Ditto
If money is no issue, this toy can be remote controlled via an app on your (or your partner(s)’ phone anywhere in the world!
for $123 from SheVibe in Grey, Purple or Blue; $129 direct from We-Vibe, or CAD$132 from Come As You Are


Less forgiving than silicone but still lightweight and easy to clean, I’m specifically including here by Aneros, a brand started by a prostate doctor! Hot tip: the g-spot is located in a similar spot to the prostate, so these toys don’t just have to be used by folks with prostates.

Aneros toys
$20 and up at SheVibe
$55 at Early to Bed
$55+ from Peepshow Toys

Nexus Glide Prostate Massager
A bit thicker than some Aneros toys, also features a rolly ball designed to stimulate the perineum (aka taint), but more likely it will just catch lube. 
$34 from SheVibe


uberlube and Crystal Delights Princess Plug
(very similar to the Aurora Borealis plug)

Not forgiving but really smooth & frictionless during insertion! My first anal toys were glass. I highly recommend Crystal Delights’ toys which are pricier but way less likely to break. Glass can also be warmed or cooled using water for temperature play!

Icicles Glass Butt Plug No. 44 Clear
for $22 from Peepshow Toys, or SheVibe

Crystal Delights Aurora Borealis Glass Butt Plug
for $80 from SheVibe, or $70 from Peepshow Toys

Crystal Delights Amber Bulb Glass Butt Plug
for $90 from SheVibe

Spartacus Blown Glass Spade Plug (small)
Not as tear drop shaped, this glass butt plug is more tapered and would be easier to inert and remove.
for CAD$147 from Come As You Are

nJoy Pure Plug Large (NOT a beginner toy,
but the only metal toy I own) and uberlube


Metal toys are heavier & therefore provide more of a feeling of fullness without added size. Metal toys have less friction than hard plastic or silicone, and can be warmed or cooled using water for temperature play!

Rouge Stainless Steel Butt Plug with Jewel
A variety of colors & textures are available in these stainless steel plugs that each have a jewel at the bottom.
$44+ from SheVibe

Pretty Plug Stainless Steel
Tear drop shaped plugs in various sizes, with crystal bases.
$80+ at Peepshow Toys


1 Looking at you, Tinder boys
2 unless that’s a kink that you and your partner(s) have negotiated ahead of time
3 or any part of you
4 except the We-Vibe Dusk but ONLY! If you’re using it with a Tango/similar vibe
5 heads up, Pipedream is kind of a shitty company but I wanted to include this plug because it is a cheap option & SheVibe is a reputable website