Dame Fin

Dame Products’ Fin was the first sex toy allowed on Kickstarter and subsequently the first toy successfully funded on Kickstarter as well. Crowdfunding sex toys is often a Mistake™ but Dame does their advertisements and marketing really well. And the chance to get this cute, uniquely colored vibe at a steep discount was enough for me to give them a chance.


Fin is designed to fit between your fingers, ideally index and middle.

 The base of the toy is meant to come in contact with the body and it features one more rounded end and one slightly pointier end. Fin has a single button on the top with 3 power settings. The button can be held down at any point to turn it off (or you can cycle through the three power settings and on the fourth click it will turn off); it resets to the lowest power setting after turning off.

This button isn’t easy to reach with the same hand/fingers that are holding the toy. Fin comes with a removable finger strap that can attach the toy so the user can more easily handle or grip the Fin. The strap and exterior of the toy (save for the hard plastic button on top) is coated in a soft silicone that comes in two color options: Jade or Coral Navy. There is a DC input on the back of the rounded side that functions as a charging port and the manual says a completely dead Fin takes 2.5 hours to charge. According to the manual, a full charge should give you 75 minutes of use. While I didn’t test out the full length of use, I did discover that Fin is the only toy thus far that I’ve tested that needed to be recharged between uses, which was irksome if nothing else. Apparently when Fin’s battery is low, it blinks red but I tend to use my sex toys under blankets1It is COLD in New England and don’t pay attention to the lights on them. Whoops.


I could not feel the vibrations from Fin when I placed it directly on my genitals. I  ultimately had to use this toy as more of a stroker by pulling my clit away from my body and stroking in in a way similar to how most penis-having folks jerk off.

 I think my problem is I don’t use manual stimulation to get off, it’s more annoying to me than it is sexy. It seems like Fin was designed for folks who like manual clitoral stim (with or without penetration),  which just isn’t me. Neither of the lower power settings do anything for me. It reminds me of the Fun Factory Layaspot which had so much promise but which I could only ever use on the highest setting as well. The third setting is also super buzzy which isn’t impossible for me to get off with, but doesn’t make things easier.

Dame Products marketed this toy as something that could be used in partnered sex2@ sex toy companies, STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS A THING. but honestly I can’t imagine introducing Fin to sex. I’d much prefer to bring in a Tango which will actually get me off, even if it’s slightly more awkward to hold.


If you like manual stimulation for masturbation and you just wanna add a lil vibration to that, Fin might work for you. Otherwise, pay the same amount for a more powerful We-Vibe Tango. Buy the Fin for $75 direct from Dame Products, or from SheVibe, or Luvoqa.


This toy is covered completely in silicone, which can bond with silicone based lube. 

I recommend a water based lube so you don’t risk ruining your toy.

Fin charges with a small input and is listed as water resistant but not waterproof. Using a wipe or wet washcloth, you can clean this toy with soap and water. Alternatively, you can sanitize Fin with a 10% bleach solution sprayed/wiped on and wiped off.


  • Cute colors
  • Good for folks who like manual stimulation
  • Decent marketing


  • Weak/somewhat buzzy
  • Fairly expensive for what it offers
  • Awkward to use

This toy was purchased with my own money, and I am not receiving anything in exchange for this review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 It is COLD in New England
2 @ sex toy companies, STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS A THING.