Vixen Mustang

How many times will I use this photo
on my website? An infinite number.

I get the most Tinder responses on two photos: the one that’s basically just my ass and the one of me wearing a tie dye jumpsuit and a tie dye strap-on. My tie-dye life picture was taken as part of an entry into Good Vibrations’ ‘Strap-On Selfie’ competition. I (disappointingly) did not win, but this look truly captures my soul and essence. Fortunately for you, this is not a review about vintage-ish clothes that I steal from my mom. So what better toy to review during Pride month than the Vixen Mustang, a toy that comes (and that I own) in rainbow tie dye? If it’s possible for a dildo to be hella gay, the Vixen Mustang is the one and I couldn’t be happier to recommend it.


The Mustang is a 100% silicone dildo, made by the dildo magicians at Vixen Creations. It’s about 6.5” insertable with a girth of 1.625”. Vixen was one of the first companies to safely make dual density toys (with a solid inner core and a squishier outside), and the Mustang is among such creations. 

It’s super soft and has the perfect amount of squish, in my not-so-humble opinion. It’s eerie how much this dil feels like a disembodied penis. 1But sometimes that’s what you just need 

The base is wide & circular, so it can be used anally or in a harness. It comes in realistic colors named vanilla, caramel and chocolate, though some sites also stock it in Tie Bright aka rainbow tie-dye aka SO FUCKING GAY.


I 100% got this toy because #aesthetic.

I love it because of how honestly incredible it is as a penetrative toy. The soft and squishy silicone is downright realistic, and when I crave penetration,2which is not that often that’s what I want. This toy is so soft that I often find myself losing track of time during cleaning by giving it a handjob. When I feel inclined to make ~sexy videos~ for folks, the Mustang is my dildo of choice because I love it in pretty much any orifice I wanna get sexy with.It’s comfortable and the curve feels amazing inside me, especially vaginally (though I prefer smaller toys if I’m doing anal).

I am not a size quee(r/n) by any means, and if you are, this is probably not the toy for you. The Mustang is a slightly above average dick, so an about average/“realistic” size dildo. Aside from the fact that mine in particular is colors that aren’t really human, the details on the Mustang are exquisite. Slight veins, a gorgeous frenulum, it even has a tiny dent where the urethra would be.

This toy is also (as evidenced by my Tinder photos) my go to for strapping it on. Not only does playing with it attached to me feel like a factory-install cock, but it’s also realistic and not overwhelming for partners. I love it, and the partners I’ve used it with are fans too. The wider base is great when I’m strapping because it provides the clitoral stim I crave to the point that someone grinding on my dick can get me off. Wider bases are perfect for this. However, I have friends who use Vixen toys but aren’t huge fans of the huge base. Paired with a harness that has a spot for the wearer to add a bullet (like the Spareparts Joque) the clunkier base of Vixen toys can block a clitoral vibe. I don’t typically use a vibe with a strap-on, but it’s definitely something to take into account if you like to pair a vibe with your dil.


At around $100, this toy is a deal. There is not currently a dildo on the market that feels (and, if you get it in skin tones, looks) as realistic as the Mustang does. Plus Vixen literally has an unheard of lifetime warranty. Get it for $103+ in all colors from SheVibe, or $120 from The Pleasure Chest; $109 in vanilla/caramel/rainbow from Liberator, $114 in vanilla/pink/green from Peepshow Toys, or $130 in vanilla/caramel/rainbow from Lovehoney.


The Vixen Mustang is a 100% silicone toy, and can react with silicone lube. I recommend doing a spot test, or using water based lube.

Silicone can be brought to a boil & boiled for 3-5 minutes, or dipped in a 10% bleach solution to disinfect. You can also clean it with soap and water.


  • Amazing shape
  • Good variety of color choices
  • Looks and feels realistic
  • I literally wanna blow this dildo


  • Expensive.
  • Wide base can get in the way of clitoral interaction when used in a harness
  • Not great for size quee(r/n)s

This toy was purchased for me as a gift, and I am not receiving anything in exchange for this review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 But sometimes that’s what you just need
2 which is not that often