Doxy The Don

The white sparkly Doxy Die Cast is one of my white whale toys, both because it’s so aesthetic and pretty, and because Doxy’s toys are lauded for their power. Beyond the Die Cast, I thought I was also interested in the unique shape and deep rumble of the Doxy Don (previously called the Doxy Skittle). The chance to snag one on sale at the Fet Flea was too good to pass up, but the dream didn’t last. While other reviewers have fallen over themselves writing about all the different things you could use this toy for, I like easy and the Don is not that.


The Don is a funky shaped corded toy, best described as abstract art. The toy part (not the cord) is coated in silicone that loves to pick up lint (blegh). It’s 7” tall, where 2.5” of that length is an insertable bulbous nub. From the base of the toy to its controller is 36”, which is long enough that you’ve got a bit of slack during use; from the controller to the plug is 8 feet. In case you, like me, hate math, that’s a total of TWELVE feet. You could hypothetically plug this toy in on one floor and masturbate on the next, if that’s what you’re into I guess. For some, this may sound awesome, but for me it’s just kind of an annoyance. I don’t need this much cord. It’s excessive and I hate it. The controller has 3 buttons, power, + and -. Turning the toy on starts it at a mid power, and you can go up or down by I think 2 settings.


Doxy is super cool and legitimately radical as far as sex toy companies go: the Don is a unique toy that can be used in a variety of different ways by people of any gender or1the vast majority of genital configuration. To me, the Don says “put me inside you”. When used vaginally it’s almost dual stim because the ridge at the base of the insertable portion is great for clit stim, and I prefer smaller toys for vaginal insertion. As many other reviewers have pointed out though, Don is not really long enough for g-spotting. I like the shallower interior of my vag stimulated and the Don is perfect for that.

However, I do not like the friction caused by the silicone coating, because it’s unpleasant even with ample lube. I’ve been slightly prone to UTIs recently which means I feel vaginal irritation a lot more. Because this toy loves lint so much, I find myself cleaning it both before AND after use. Ugh.

On the other hand,2in the other hole? the Don is a really cool anal toy. It’s not large/long enough to stimulate the g-spot or prostate, but the deep rumble is unlike anything else I’ve put in my butt. I still need a toy at my clit to get off while anally using the Don, but if I really wanted to, I think I could get to a point where I could orgasm from using the Don anally alone.3I’m just. Very. Lazy. Using the Don is super awkward though. The not-insertable bit is so long that riding the Don is awkward at best;4unless you have some sex furniture, but then are you using the Don by itself? it’s so heavy that it won’t stay put when lying down; and because the buttons are effectively separate from the toy, you either need good dexterity or both hands to use the Don. This pisses me off because my ideal masturbation is one handed. I need my other hand to surf porn on my phone!

After reading other reviews, I was convinced to try the Don purely as an external/clit toy. Yes, it’s gorgeously rumbly. But figuring out how/what part to smash against my junk does not turn me on, and I spend more time vibrating my hand than the fun parts of my body that actually do give me an orgasm. While the insertable nub of the toy is what vibrates most, if you press it hard against you, the vibration moves to the middle of the toy which is USELESS TO ME. I love the motor in this toy but I keep coming back to how this shape doesn’t work for me.

I prioritize owning toys that are rechargeable over battery operated, since batteries end up costing more over time because they constantly need to be replaced. In 2018, corded toys that have to be plugged in to use them feels like a thing of the past. The biggest benefit of being plugged into the wall is motors with stronger, more rumbly vibration. The first thing I bought to be a vibrator5the Wahl needed to be plugged in but I haven’t used a corded toy since then. . .  except when my Magic Wand Rechargeable needed to be recharged.6god bless the fact that that toy can be used effectively while charging Cords are short enough that  you need your wanking spot to be close to the outlet, or too long, kinda bulky, and oh lord the tangles.

Ugh and cleaning corded toys is awkward as heck. It’s already annoying to clean any toy that isn’t submergible. And while the super long cord might have been nice when I had approximately 2 outlets in my entire room, carrying it to the bathroom is a recipe for tangles and (if my roommates were less cool) roommate awkwardness.


In the end, the Don uses too much of my brain and hands. I don’t get turned on when I think about using it, I just get tired. I want it to be less heavy, less bulky, and less tangly because I love how rumbly it is. If you want something to change it up for creative masturbation, then it’s probably the toy for you and I encourage supporting Doxy as a company. The Don is no longer available.


The easiest way to clean the Don is to use a soapy washcloth to wipe the silicone portion, then a damp one to wipe it down. You can rinse the silicone portion of it in the sink, but be mindful of the cord. Because it’s silicone, you can also disinfect it using a 10% bleach solution that you wipe off afterwards.

Silicone toys can be chemically affected by silicone lube, so do a spot test or use a water based lube.


  • Rumbly
  • Reasonably priced for the power
  • Doxy is a great company
  • Long cord if you need to access your personal wank zone


  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Awkward shape
  • (I am very lazy)

This toy was purchased with my own money, and I am not receiving anything in exchange for this review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 the vast majority of
2 in the other hole?
3 I’m just. Very. Lazy
4 unless you have some sex furniture, but then are you using the Don by itself?
5 the Wahl
6 god bless the fact that that toy can be used effectively while charging