Glass Tentacle Dildos: Icicles No. 24, No. 52, and No. 69

Usually when I get a dildo, it’s for aesthetic reasons. Penetrative solo play isn’t a huge thing for me and dildos aren’t often involved in my partnered play (though I love it when they are) so I’m mostly motivated by what looks cool. In the case of the Icicles tentacle-esque glass dildos, I slowly acquired all three pin nubbly glass pieces mostly because I think they’re pretty and lol hentai.

I really like glass toys because of their lack of friction. It can be annoying because I love stimulation at the entrance of my vag but I hate the draggy silicone that often comes with it. Reviewing these toys has been a pleasure (more so than my usual masturbation). I’m happily surprised because now I have a go-to penetrative toy that, oops, I’m accidentally in love with.


All three of these toys are made of slightly tinted pink glass. The No. 24 is the most tentacle-esque, featuring raised nubs along the entire length, and a curved base. It’s about 4.5” of insertable length, with a max diameter of 1.4”.

The No. 52 has a similar looped base with 3” more of insertable length (for a total of 7.5”). The head of the No. 52 is about .75” wide and slowly tapers to a max width of 1.25”. The No. 52 features ridges along most of the shaft. The looped base of the 24 and 52 remind me of a lot of Fun Factory’s toys, which are great for folks with limited dexterity since that base means these toys don’t need to be grasped.

The box of the No. 69 says it’s a butt plug but I STRONGLY disagree since it really isn’t curved enough to not slip up your ass. The glass is super slippery and there’s no flare whatsoever. The box also says it’s only 6.5” insertable but it can be as insertable as you want it to be, since either end works well for different kinds of stimulation.Following the curve, the No. 69 is about 9” long; about 1.5” in diameter at its widest point and slightly less than .75” at its thinnest. No. 69 has similar ridges to No. 52.


I’ve had No. 24 and No. 52 for a while, which I purchased more for the aesthetic (and how good they look in instagram pics), but only used No. 52 when I was reviewing a silicone based lube & didn’t wanna risk damaging my silicone toys. The times I played with the No. 24 were (and continue to be) disappointing at best. I’m much more motivated by external/clit toys, even though the curve of No. 52 hits my g-spot really nicely. Add that to the smooth glass and slender body (something I tend to favor with internal toys), the No. 52 really isn’t bad.

No. 24 on the other hand has literally nothing appealing to me other than being PRETTY. It’s too short to hit further internal bits like my anterior fornix, but not curved enough to stimulate my g-spot. The external nubs make it  too textured for anal play (though the curved base on No. 24 and 52 could make these toys okay for anal, unlike, you know, the one Icicles markets as an anal toy) so, like, what the fuck am I supposed to do with this? No. 24 is also wider than No. 52 and almost as wide as No. 69 at its widest point, which I just don’t care for. I guess if you really like textured stimulation it could be nice. Just don’t expect a lot.

No. 69, on the other hand, I really like. Like, this is probably gonna be my go-to dil even if I’m not explicitly craving vag feels. The No. 69 is superior because either end is insertable, depending on what you want for internal stimulation. The larger end is ideal for pulling on a g-spot or clenching. It’s possible that the smaller end was not intended for insertion but fuck that. 1pun intended There’s a sharper curve, so for those who prefer their insides hammered into, or who prefer a smaller insertion, this side might be the way to go. The smaller end doesn’t quite line up with my anatomy but I prefer the larger side anyway. It is a touch harder to hold the larger end & insert the smaller end, but it’s a small price to pay for a versatile toy. The slim neck of the No. 69 doesn’t bug the entrance of my vag but the ridges give a bit of stimulation. With the No. 52, I have to move the toy in and out to get g-spot stim, whereas with the No. 69 I can kind of just hold it in place and get off.


None of the Icicles are available at Betty’s Toy Box anymore, but they do have a selection of glass dildos. Get 10% off any purchase with code TWIXT!


All three of these toys are glass, which can be used with any kind of lube! Glass is non-porous, so all you need to use to clean it is soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution if you want to disinfect. Because of the textured nature of these particular toys, I recommend designating an old toothbrush or something similar to clean in the nooks and crannies because they can be a pain to clean out.


  • Glass is frictionless
  • Can use any kind of lube
  • No. 69: smaller & larger ends, curved for g-spotting
  • No. 24 & 52: looped handle ideal for limited dexterity


  • No. 69 doesn’t have a curved handle & can’t be used for anal
  • No. 24 has no appeal and is also the worst to clean
  • No. 52 has been discontinued
  • They are all a lil annoying to clean

The Icicles No. 69 was generously provided to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for an honest review; the other Icicles toys were purchased with my own money. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 pun intended