How do you review a toy that’s shape is subjective? Masturbate a lot, mostly. DoDil’s marketing plays of the novel property that it can be reshapen as much as you want, which is New and Unique™ compared to other body safe toys on the market. Is it a marketing ploy? Kinda, yeah. But DoDil does what it says on the box and at the end of the day, that’s what counts.


DoDil comes to the user at 7.5” long with a diameter of 1.6”. It only comes in one color, but that color is teal instead of the overused pink/purple/black. The entire exterior is covered in a softish silicone, and it has a solid & hard ABS plastic handle with DoDil’s logo. Within the teal silicone coating, DoDil is made of a thermoplastic that is soft and squishy like a stress ball; once cooled, the entire toy is as hard as the ABS handle (which is also under the silicone). To mold DoDil, soak it in water that has been brought to a boil for 30 minutes,1It’s unclear what would happen if you boiled it for 30 minutes, but you don’t have to do that so I feel like it’s a bad idea. let it cool to the touch, and shape. You have 15-20 minutes of shaping time before the toy fully hardens, but you can speed up this process by running it under cold water or dipping it in an ice bath.


When I first tried out DoDil, I thought a lot about what kinds of stimulation had been getting me off the best lately. After soaking it in boiling water in its thermos for half an hour, I thought about what shapes I like internally. It’s been really interesting discovering what I like internally because I’m mostly motivated by external stimulation– I generally need external stim to get off, and can get off with it exclusively. I ended up making DoDil a shape inspired by the Icicles No. 69, one of my most recent faves. I like toys with a larger head that pull on my g-spot, but a thinner neck. I generally like being fingered & fisted in this way too, so I created a shape that would pull on my g-spot, with a curve that made the handle easy to hold. It got me off, but didn’t give me mindblowing orgasms. 

The second time I shaped the toy, I made it similar to Fucking Sculptures’ (RIP) Two-Cumber, because I wanted to try making it with the cord rather than just shaping it with my hands. Both of these shapes, I made while the toy was warm, but got too impatient waiting for it to cool so, in the first case, I ran it under cold water which ended up with a kind of lumpy toy. In the case of the latter, once I had the cord wrapped around it how I wanted, I just shoved it into a jar with ice water and came back later to use it.

On my third try, I wanted to see how different it would be to let it fully cool without cold water. It ended up taking more than an hour from start to finish (boiling water, letting it sit, pulling it out, waiting til it was cold enough to touch, shaping, waiting for it to harden) and I still ended up with a kinda lumpy shape. The art of making DoDil smooth is something I have yet to master.

Beyond the novelty of a re-shapeable dildo, it’s a pretty good toy. I take issue with the draggy silicone exterior because it causes friction & means I need to use lube, but that’s my lazy side speaking. The thermoplastic core is also unforgiving, which may sway people one way or another when it comes to choosing DoDil.

Theoretically, you could shape DoDil in such a way that it’d work for anal, but you’d have to be kinda careful about that.


On it’s own, DoDil retails at $65 (or $95 with the thermos). Even though I disagree with classifying toys as “beginner,” DoDil is a really great way for someone to figure out shapes they like & what feels good inside their body, so it might be a good toy to start out with. At $65, you probably won’t find a comparably versatile body safe dildo.


DoDil’s exterior is soft silicone, which is non-porous and can be cleaned with soap and water. Because DoDil is not 100% silicone, and the silicone layer is a bit thin, avoid over cleaning. Re-shaping the toy in boiling water effectively disinfects it.

Because DoDil’s exterior is silicone which can be chemically affected by silicone lube, do a spot test if you want to use silicone lube, or use a water based lube.


  • Versatile
  • Non gendered instruction manual
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Lengthy ‘set up’ process
  • Tough to get in the exact shape you want
  • Draggy silicone

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1 It’s unclear what would happen if you boiled it for 30 minutes, but you don’t have to do that so I feel like it’s a bad idea.