The Sex Expo 2018

This year, the event is fuller than I have ever experienced it. Arriving at 1:45, I barely have time to push my way through throngs of bodies to explore the floor before the press reception. A red wristband is the only thing designating me as press. I head into the lounge, the same place it was last year though with worse snacks and not enough of them.

The man at the bar fills my plastic ‘Satisfyer’ branded cup to the absolute brim with white wine. My anxiety (which stems from not being sure if I’m in the right place) quells as I latch on to Amber Mallery, a bubbly and vivacious sex blogger currently living in Spain. She knows everyone and I know, if I stick to her, I will too. Confusion abounds in the press lounge, because there have been no announcements about this reception and, no one is sure who is a manufacturer and who is press since our badges don’t share names or websites. Networking has to be extroverted, hardly the preference for many sex bloggers. I stick to Amber and introduce myself alongside her. With a friend as my in, I finally feel good about this reception.

By the time the press reception ends, we are pleasantly buzzed and spend the next 2 hours reconnecting with folks we had met inside the lounge but this time at their booths. We stand at the main stage, this year (blessedly) at the side back of the Brooklyn Convention Center, each hoping to win a Sybian or sex blanket. We don’t win and I end the first day munching on fries and a bagel. New York state of mind.

Sunday is much quieter and it’s actually possible to move through the walkways. Notably within the con center is Crave’s Build-A-Vibe-Mobile, a repurposed caravan which holds all of Crave’s current vibrator offerings and their newly designed take on a pocket rocket. Inside the van, you can program a vibe to your specifications and choose the color.While I understand the appeal, it doesn’t pique my interest, especially at the $100+ price point.

Last year’s main offering was sex wipes but this year there are a lot of subscription boxes. Chaturbate cam girls are set up again, though not quite as impressive as last year. I ride a Sybian and talk to the person controlling it about my Clitoring. I chat with booth owners about their wares and ask them what they think of the Sex Expo this year. They share that networking is usually why they attend events like these because, even with huge crowds, most attendees are more into getting free stuff than making a purchase. There is, for some inexplicable reason, a separate room with puppies in it. I’m really not sure how this fits into an expo about sex since they aren’t BDSM human puppies they are actual, for-real, canine baby dogs. They’re cute, but why?

My business cards make their way into the hands of new connections & I get toys to fill my shelves and review. I ogle Bad Dragon’s fantastic creations & talk to with them about sponsoring my Geeky Sex Toys workshops. At the end of the day, I’m heading home with several heavy bags of toys, lube samples, promotional materials, business cards & new friendships. I’m excited for what’s coming soon.