Fun Factory Bouncer

The Fun Factory Bouncer. How do I begin to explain the Fun Factory Bouncer? Insert the dildo version of a Mean Girls Regina George montage. The Bouncer is widely appreciated & a marvel to behold… and it deserves to be. It’s the only dildo of its kind on the market and nothing since has even tried to usurp the Bouncer’s throne.


The Bouncer is a silicone dildo, approximately 7” long and 1.5” wide at the widest point. It has three kegel-esque balls within the silicone body which move around inside the toy when you’re using it, creating a sensation akin to rumbly vibration. There’s a very subtle vertical seam dividing the toy, which creates the seal for the rumbly balls. Even with lots of wiggling around, this toy springs back to its shape and the balls within feel secure.

Fun Factory’s silicone tends to be more matte than glossy, which can cause more friction and pick up lint like a motherfucker. The bouncer is no different but it is easily cleaned before use.


For a good long while, the Bouncer was my favorite dildo.1though I only owned 2 at the time. The tapering between the bulbs feels awesome going in and out of my vag, and the slim (harness compatible!) base is easy to hold. Before this toy, I wasn’t much of a toy thruster. I got off clenching my PC muscles around whatever toy I was using internally, positioning it to provide constant pressure to my g-spot. To get the full effect of the Bouncer, it needs to be moving and the more rapidly it’s thrust, the more force the rolly balls will have. It’s an interesting sensation–the balls moving back and forth make the toy feel like it weighs more than it does.

I tend not to use the entire length of the Bouncer. I usually insert about 2 or 2.5 bulbs. That length means my vaginal opening is stimulated around the middle bulb and the slightly curved ‘head’ hits my g-spot. Wearing the Bouncer in a harness, I can feel a bit of the rumbliness and my pubic mound thanks me for the slim, forgiving base. It can be more difficult to thrust back and forth with your pelvis vs. with your hand but the shape of the toy is great – regardless of how well the internal balls work. I’d probably use this dildo even if it didn’t feature the hella cool internal pieces.

Since The Bouncer has a wide base, it’s safe for anal use. Fun Factory says this base is suction-y but that’s only minimally true. If you really want to suction this (or any toy) to something, grab the double suction cup NYTC sells.


The Bouncer is unique and definitely different. It’s definitely unlike any penis, since it combines aspects of kegel exercise with a great dildo. If this appeals to you, get it at Early to Bed for $99; at Come as You Are for $130 CAD; at The Pleasure Chest, Peepshow Toys, Shevibe, or Luvoqa for $100.


The Fun Factory Bouncer is a 100% silicone toy and can react with silicone lube. I recommend doing a spot test or using water based lube

Silicone can be brought to a boil & boiled for 3-5 minutes, or dipped in a 10% bleach solution to disinfect. You can also clean it with soap and water.


  • Rumbly even though it’s a dildo
  • V good shape for vaginal (or anal) opening stimulation
  • The only thing currently like it
  • The Regina George of dildos??


  • Don’t expect this to be a vibe
  • Draggy as fuck silicone
  • Kinda pricey for being just a silicone dil

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1 though I only owned 2 at the time.