I have a lot of casual sex, so I make a habit of getting tested for sexually transmitted infections every six months or so. My usual go-to is Planned Parenthood, because I know I can get tested any Monday through Saturday as a walk-in patient for a $30 copay and at most a couple of hours in the waiting room. Planned Parenthood isn’t an option for everyone, whether due to location or otherwise, and there are other options like

Here’s how it works: you select a lab where your blood/urine sample(s) will be collected, order your test(s) from their website, and show up at their lab whenever. The lab techs draw blood and/or take a urine sample to send off for testing. Once processed, you receive the results within a couple days, with the option to talk to a physician if any results come back positive. For an additional fee, this physician can prescribe ongoing treatment. offers a 10 test panel for $198 (or $398 for HIV RNA early detection), with a la carte tests ranging from $24 for Hepatitis, up to $169 for HIV RNA early detection.

If you think you may have been exposed to HIV*, you may want to speak to a health professional about taking PEP, a medication taken within 72 hours of exposure that can prevent HIV.

Getting my 10 panel test was super easy and quick. Less than 5 minutes after placing my order, I received the lab forms on’s website, which I printed at home. At the lab, I signed in with the same name that I had filled in for my order, and I was called in almost immediately. A quick blood draw and pee in a cup, and I was all set. It took more time to drive to the lab than any other step in this process!

Eight hours later, my preliminary results were already in. By the next evening, I also had my complete results. For folks looking for STI testing that is super quick & very private, I highly recommend

*Exposure to HIV includes vaginal/anal sex or sharing needles with someone who is HIV positive or does not know their status.

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