The Sex Expo 2019

If you follow me on instagram and pay any attention to my stories, you know I had a whirlwind of a weekend travelling the east coast for bagels & sandwiches, a wedding, and my annual trip to the NYC Sex Expo! Due to other obligations during my four days on the coast, I was only able to attend Sunday this year but I’m honestly kind of glad about that. Everyone I met mentioned that, like last year, Saturday was so incredibly packed that it was difficult to get around. I don’t do well in crowds, so I might always plan to attend just one day in the future.

That said, missing Saturday meant also missing some panels and giveaways that I would have loved. If anyone has notes on the ‘Women in Sex Tech’ or ‘Lube 101 by Sliquid’ panels, please send them to me!

Special press entrance with champagne and candy! Thanks, Satisfyer!

You might recall my disappointment with Satisfyer’s press sponsorship from last year, (tldr: lack of snacks, nothing making it obvious we were press), but this year, I was super impressed! Press had a separate entrance with as much complimentary champagne as you might want, and the press lounge was consistently staffed with bartenders happy to continue feeding us wine. My favorite thing? Big badges to denote press and make it easier to interact & network! Though there were fewer toys in goodie bags, I think that Satisfyer’s press entrance and lounge this year were significant improvements. I hope that my schedule next year allows me to see how/if the press mixer has changed! 

Harper the Fox (and our butts) being livestreamed on Chaturbate!

Familiar brand names abound at this year’s Expo: Once again, Chaturbate’s sponsorship meant there were folks live streaming near the mainstage in the middle. I chatted with total sweetheart Harper Fox, who mentioned that her fans were really into her taking off her dress in what felt like a public place. I spoke with Dame Products about their two newest toys, Pom (squishy pebble-esque vibe) and Kip (their take on a lipstick vibe), both featuring motors that are much more rumbly than Fin. Dame’s Alu Lube was also on hand, which was super cushy and long lasting despite being water based, plus the ingredients were all good things. 

Alu’s ingredients

Uvee’s charging/cleaning/locking toy boxes were there, and I am constantly obsessed with them–plus I dragged my photographer with me so I could  share the good word with him. Maybe someday I’ll get to review one!

IMO The We-Vibe Melt is a better value than the Womanizer

Emojibator had their newest Pickle Emojibator out for experimentation, but I was more excited to get my hands on the Chickie, their clit suction toy which is also so fucking cute. We-Vibe’s recent acquisition of Womanizer has been (thankfully) making the products look much less tacky. Because both brands were present,  I could compare power levels and prices. Not to mention, I could chat with a brand rep about how We-Vibe is consistently one of my favorite companies (and they make a lot of my favorite toys!). The  We-Vibe Touch went home with me, which is super exciting since it’s been on my wishlist forever! 

But wait, there’s more! New stuff I hadn’t yet heard about! The OhNut is a stackable, wearable product designed to make sex more comfortable and less painful for the person being penetrated (especially if the penetrator is longer). It comes with four linking rings that can be added or removed at any time. My biggest qualm is OhNut’s material. From their website:

Ohnut is currently made of an FDA approved body- and skin-safe polymer blend. It’s a thermo-set material that is BPA, phthalate, and latex free.

Note about material: The original Ohnut was designed in silicone, which therefore made it incompatible with silicone lubrication. Silicone lubricants are generally recommended by the pelvic health / medical community for their long lasting quality (having to reapply water-based lubrication during a connected moment can be very disruptive). However, silicone lubrication will degrade silicone products, therefore we decided to adjust Ohnut’s material to be easily integrated with any preferred lubrication. In regards to permeability, our manufacturing experts have informed us that, in general, most plastics are permeable, with the amount of permeability depending on what size molecule and under what pressure. With Ohnut’s  material, it is not permeable with the amount of pressure applied during a couple’s use. However, as a precautionary measure, we recommend that Ohnut is not shared between different partners. Our material is also not considered ‘hygroscopic’ (water absorbing).

Because it’s not made of silicone, OhNut is made of a porous material, so it can’t be considered completely body safe. Maybe it would make sense for them to offer different material choices, so folks who want something that works with silicone lube can purchase a porous material and folks who prioritize sanitization also have an option. I would review this product if it were available in silicone but I can’t ethically justify or recommend a porous material. 

PlusOne brought their collection of silicone toys, which are all under $35 and available at Target and Walmart. While I don’t think of those as sexy places to shop, they do make safe sex toys available and accessible at a reasonable price  to folks who might be uncomfortable shopping online or in a toy shop. 

Kinkbaku Studio had live rope suspension demos going on, which I loved as a way to show how intense non-impact BDSM can be!

The hot topic this year? Sex/swinger spaces. Both Hacienda (play party spaces in NYC and New Orleans) and Hedonism II (“adult playground” resort in Jamaica) had tables, though I didn’t quite make my way to them since I (a) don’t have money for a sex-vacation and (b) only like sex parties that are all about me. What? I know what I’m about.

Even with my limited time on Sunday, I stopped by Charlotte Taillor’s BDSM 101 panel. At times, the formatting and explanations seemed confusing or unpolished, but I loved her slide on the importance of MITS – Marks, Injuries, Triggers, and Safewords. 

I was bummed that I couldn’t find The Crafty Hedonist, because I would have loved to chat about the Geeky Sex Trivia I’m running in Brooklyn on October 7th (plus my niche is geeky sex toys and I love supporting independent manufacturers!). 

Overall, I had an even better time this year than in the past. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to attend Saturday but I’m looking forward to next year, new connections, and lots of orgasms.