Long Distance Sex Toys – OhMiBod & Kiiroo

This article is part of a master collection of articles comparing all currently available long-distance sex toys. 

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App: OhMiBod Remote 2.0
The app opens with the choice to ‘Play locally’ (solo play) or ‘Play remotely’. Local play has four choices: Rhythm (a variety of patterns); Tap (allows the user to tap out their own pattern); Touch (offers a four square to figure out what vibration is best); and Club Vibe® (which can be used for ambient sound). On the bottom of the screen are 4 buttons: 

  • Home, which brings the user back to the play locally choices; 
  • Connections, which requires you set up an account (though this only asks for a username & password and does not require an email address) before you can search for other users by username and add and delete connections–this is also where you can chat with a connected partner; 
  • Oh!Dometer, which tracks your usage of toys/the app over the week/year; 
  • and Profile, where the user can change their photo, connect to a partner, check the vibe status, change their username/password, add an email, see blocked users, log out, delete their account, or go through a variety of support options. 

To play remotely, the user would select the ‘connections’ button and connect to a partner whose toy they’d like to control.

OhMiBod Remote 2.0 is compatible with the following toys (though not all of them allow for partner control, as far as I am aware):
blueMotion Nex1 & 2 (2nd Generation)
blueMotion Nex1 & 2 (1st Generation)

Besides Esca and Fuze, OhMiBod toys are only available on the LoveLife Toys website. 

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OhMiBod Esca 2
Esca is OhMiBod’s version of an egg vibe, worn vaginally with a retrieval arm that connects to bluetooth and turns on and off the toy. The toy has the option to show the vibration strength via LED lights. If you plan on wearing this in public, you can turn off that function. Esca is notably not music compatible
Comparable toys: We-Vibe Jive, Lovense Lush 2, Lovehoney Desire Love Egg
Best price: $107 from Betty’s Toybox with code TWIXT

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OhMiBod blueMotion Nex1
The original app controlled panty vibe, the blueMotion Nex 1 (2nd generation) actually comes with underwear (though you can obviously switch these out for any pair that actually fits). The vibrator is flat with a slight curve, featuring a large nub designed to go against the clit. There is one button that turns on or off- this toy cannot be controlled without the app.
Comparable toys: We-Vibe Moxie, OhMiBod Lightshow, Vibease, Lovehoney Desire Panty Vibrator
Best price: $129 from OhMiBod

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OhMiBod Lightshow
Basically the same as the blueMotion Nex1 but with LED lights to show the power level of vibration. Ideal for show-offs/cammers/people who are into raves.
Comparable toys: OhMiBod blueMotion Nex 1, We-Vibe Moxie
Best price: $99 from OhMiBod


Lovelife Krush (My Review)
One of only two long distance kegel toys, Krush comes in OhMiBod’s signature pink with a heart at the end, and is intended to help strengthen your PC muscles. I personally prefer it as a love-egg toy, because the kegel app is bad.
Comparable toys: We-Vibe Bloom
Best price:
$129 from OhMiBod

App: FeelConnect
Once downloaded, the app requires the user to connect to a device. Within the app, device(s) are displayed on the main page. A menu on the top left allows the user to ‘connect a device,’ ‘add a website,’ ‘partner connect,’ ‘local connect,’ and ‘sound control.’ There are buttons along the bottom that show a bluetooth logo to ‘devices’ and ‘device controller; a globe for ‘websites’; a musical note for ‘microphone mode’; a play button for ‘video player’; and a bulleted icon for ‘videos’. 

Within ‘connect a device,’ you can click ‘device controller’ at the bottom of the page to control your or your partner’s toy. There are two important items at the bottom of the device control page: local/partner control determines if you are controlling your partner’s toy or your own; and locked/unlocked determines whether the control dot in the middle returns to zero intensity if you let go of it. The manual does not explain this feature, so I figured it out by literally clicking everything

The ‘websites’ tab theoretically connects to your partner’s app. Within the left menu bar, click ‘Partner Connect’ then ‘share’ for the app to generate a virtual room for you & your partner. Clicking ‘Share’ creates a link to send to your partner so they can join the room, but there is no confirmation on either side when this happens. 

In ‘video player,’ you can connect to pre-programmed porn content that (theoretically– I have not tested this) vibrates the toy in conjunction with the content. Let porn control your toy! If you allow sound control, you can use ambient sound to control your toy but it has to be pretty loud for the app to pick it up. 

The lack of clarity/description within the app & its manuals make it difficult to use.

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OhMiBod Fuse
Fuse is an OhMiBod toy, but interestingly enough is powered by Kiiroo’s app, because it is two way compatible with Kiiroo toys or another Fuse. Fuse is a rabbit style vibe, which features separate motors in the internal & external arms. The shaft is touch sensitive, so vibrations get stronger when it senses more touch. The base of the toy has an LED light which illuminates different colors to show the toy’s current setting.
Comparable toys: We-Vibe Nova, Lovense Nora, Vibease Esthesia
Best price: $135 from Lovehoney using discount link

Kiiroo Titan (My Review)
Titan is a stroker + vibrator for the penis. It has a non-representational, removable/replaceable sleeve; three touch sensitive pads to control vibration patterns on your or your partner’s compatible toy; and 3 rows of 3 bullets (that’s 9 total bullets!) within the hard plastic shell. 
Comparable toys: Lovense Max 2, Kiiroo Onyx+
Best price: $129 from SheVibe

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Kiiroo Onyx+
Onyx+ is a penis stroker that uses a trackpad to control your toy or your partner’s via the FeelConnect app. Unlike other strokers including the Kiiroo Titan, Onyx+ features 10 contracting rings that move up and down to simulate penetrative sex rather than vibrating. The sleeve is removable/replaceable/reusable, and non representational.
Comparable toys: Lovense Max 2, Kiiroo Titan
Best price: $170 from SheVibe

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Kiiroo Pearl 2
Pearl 2 is an insertable (vaginal only since there’s no flange) silicone vibrator. It’s touch sensitive– the more touch it senses, the stronger the vibration. While designed for g-spotting, Pearl 2 barely has a curve to it. Like the rest of Kiiroo’s toys, it is two way compatible.
Comparable toys: We-Vibe Rave, Lovense Osci 2
Best price: $89 from Kiiroo with code TWIXT10

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Kiiroo Cliona
Absurdly, Kiiroo calls Cliona a “pocket size” vibrator. Sure, if you’re wearing cargo pants. Cliona is oddly shaped–sort of like an old school telephone, you know, the kind that a secretary in the 60’s might use. Designed as an external toy with a rounded end which presumably gives broader stimulation. Though Kiiroo markets Cliona as an external/clit toy, their website features an illustration of the top bulb inserted internally. Cliona is waterproof, unlike some internal vibes listed here, but water tends to halt bluetooth signals. Buttons on the back of this toy mean it can be used with or without the app, and Cliona can be used to control all other two-way compatible Kiiroo toys.
Comparable toys: Lovense Ambi, Vibease
Best price: $89 from Kiiroo with code TWIXT10

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