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app: Lovehoney Desire
When first opening the app, a screen gives you the choice to Use Solo or Use with a Partner. There’s also a menu bar at the top left and a profile icon at the top right. ‘Use Solo’ takes you directly to a device pairing page, where it asks to connect to one of the three bluetooth enabled Desire toys. If you choose to Use with a Partner, you’re directed to the Login/Sign up page to create an account using your email address. Once your account is made, you can search for your partner via their username.

Without any of the toys on hand, I can’t access anything beyond the above. Luckily Princess Previews writes about her experience with the Knicker Vibrator and includes several screenshots of the app in use:

Get 10% off your whole purchase at Lovehoney using this link!

via Lovehoney

Love Egg
The fatal flaw in Lovehoney’s attempt to compete with Lovense/other Love Egg style toys is that the control button is ON THE BODY OF THE TOY, meaning you have to either pop the toy out or shove your fingers inside yourself to change the pattern (when not using the app). Yikes.
Comparable toys: We-Vibe Jive, Lovense Lush 2
Best price: $140

via Lovehoney

Prostate Vibe
From photos & measurements, the Desire Prostate Vibrator is significantly larger than the We-Vibe Vector and Lovense Edge (its main competitors). This measurement includes the base, which means this toy might not be as comfortable to wear for longer sessions. Like its competition, this toy has two motors which can be independently controlled; one in the bulb and one in the neck, designed as a prostate and perineum toy. Rather than being adjustable, this toy instead simply features a flexible neck.
Comparable toys: We-Vibe Ditto, We-Vibe Vector, Lovense Hush, Lovense Edge
Best price: $140

via Lovehoney

Knickers (Panty) Vibe
Halfway between the blueMotion Nex1 and Vibease design, this tear drop/cresecent shaped toy is Lovehoney’s entrant into the app controlled panty vibe races. It does seem slimmer than Vibease, so would likely be more comfortable for longer term wear.
Comparable toys: We-Vibe Moxie, OhMiBod blueMotion Nex1, Vibease
Best price: $140

Brands/toys that exist on their own with their own app

App: Wireless Remote Vibrator
Upon downloading the app for the first time, Vibease requires sign up via email or through FACEBOOK (wild). It also requires a gender and the only options are Male and Female.1ugh Once signed up, the user is taken to the shop (a cart icon) to purchase/download a ton of erotic audiobooks. The second tab ‘Fantasy’ looks like a musical note: the app comes with two preloaded soundbites, rain sounds, and  beach sounds. While listening to either sound, the user can control the strength and speed of their vibe via a touchpad on the screen. The third tab, a chat bubble, is where you can add contacts (via ‘Facebook/E-mail/Etc’, ‘Text Messaging/SMS’ or by their vibease nickname) & see who is pending. The fourth tab ‘Device’ lets users connect a toy and choose vibration patterns.2which are very interestingly named The final tab has a bunch of options for settings.

After downloading, this app crashed after 5 minutes of use, without having even connected a toy.

via Vibease

Vibease makes it pretty easy because they have named their company, toy, and app all the same thing. The vibrator is designed to be used hands-free, though in practice it probably compares more to other bullet/similar style toys. Vibease is shaped similarly  to OhMiBod’s blueMotion, though Vibease is more chunky and less flat. Vibease can sync to erotic audiobooks! There’s definitely the most aural appeal to Vibease, though it doesn’t work with ambient sound for some reason.
Comparable toys: Lovense Ambi, Kiiroo Cliona, We-Vibe Moxie
Best price: $89 from Vibease with code TWIXTMYNETHERS

via the Cowgirl

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine
App: FeelConnect
Interestingly enough, The Cowgirl works with Kiiroo’s FeelConnect app if you’d like to give control over to your partner.
More information on that here, though it appears partner controls are currently limited.

If you happen to have an extra $1500 to spare, and like to ride your partner (or should I say… pardner?), consider The Cowgirl. Similar to the famous Sybian, the Cowgirl is more or less a giant half cylinder pillow with a motorized piece that moves back and forth. The Cowgirl comes with both  penetrative and non penetrative attachments, and can hold up to 400lbs of weight. Not only can you control The Cowgirl with the included LED remote, you or your partner can control the Cowgirl with its app: The Cowgirl Remote Control App. If  your partner is long distance, you’ll need to use the FeelConnect app for limited distance controls.
Best price: $1,350 from Lovehoney using this link /OR/ $1,350 from Betty’s Toybox with code TWIXT

Zalo’s app: Zalo Remote  doesn’t work from farther than 30 feet of the actual toy (as of March 2020). So unless you’re only socially distancing within your mansion, this brand isn’t  truly long distance.

app: MysteryVibe App
According to the FAQ: The MysteryVibe app works on Bluetooth low energy technology and can be used to control Crescendo or Tenuto within a 10-metre (30 feet) range. They claim to be working on a long-distance version of the app to connect with a partner via wifi and control their device over long distance, but don’t have a release date. 

There’s no setting to connect to a partner on the app.

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1. ugh
2. which are very interestingly named