Long Distance Sex Toys MASTERPOST

Call it what you want (or what your local government mandates): quarantine, isolation, social distancing, stay at home, shelter in place, COVID-19, the novel coronavirus… It is an indisputable fact that social distancing makes a great deal of us horny

While dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, and Feeld resurrect the age old act of yearning whilst apart, some of us (especially those  stuck at home without a partner) still want to get off in a partnered way. Great news! There are a ton of long distance / app compatible toys on the market. This means a partner anywhere in the world can control your session!

This collection of articles is a guide to current toys with some long-distance app compatibility. If this were a single article, it would be its own novel so, I’ve organized this masterlist by each brand: 

For those Type-A nerds, I’ve included a spreadsheet that compares all the toys I’ve written about in one tl;dr location below. This spreadsheet is a work in progress, please bear with me as I work on making it more user-friendly, or click HERE to open it in another window.

Clicking a toy’s name will direct you to my article on it, whereas clicking the price will route you to a purchase location via my affiliate links. Please consider clearing your cookies so I get a small percentage of the sale. I compare prices on a variety of different websites, including

  • Early to Bed, (my favorite local shop for Chicagoans))
  • SheVibe, (tends to have a wide selection & lower prices, with frequent sales)
  • Lovehoney, (another huge shop with extremely fast shipping–if you have an .edu email, sign up for discounts with Unidays)
  • Betty’s Toybox – use code TWIXT for 10% off all purchases, (I’ve included this calculated out in an additional column)
  • Come As You Are (one column shows $CAD, another shows the total in $USD),
  • and the price direct from the manufacturer. 

Useful discount codes & links to save $
Get 10% off your whole purchase at Lovehoney using this link!
10% off at Betty’s Toybox using code TWIXT
10% off at Kiiroo using code TWIXT10

If I know the toy, I link to my personal experience in  reviews. If you’d like to sponsor a review for a toy I have yet to try (to help make this list more accurate), you can purchase toys from my wishlist on Giftful, Lovehoney, or Lovense. Or reach out to me at max @ twixtmynethers.com (no spaces).