Ramshine Harness

For the sake of argument, let’s say you have a huge, colorful, maybe even fantasy-themed dildo–one that validates your gender, or that your partner is obsessed with, or is central to a super hot roleplay idea that you’re really jonesing to do. But how do you fuck with it hands-free? Enter the Ramshine Harness


Ramshine’s harnesses use a gorgeous black latigo leather1seriously, it smells so good with tanned hide backing for the base. They come in three color options: black, red, or blue. The design is a simplified jock-style harness featuring an adjustable waistband that snaps directly to the (included) 3-inch o-ring and the two adjustable straps that go around your legs. (Additional smaller/larger o-rings are available on Exotic Erotics.) Other than the snaps that attach to the o-ring, all adjustment points on this harness are made from corrosion resistant nickel plated steel buckles. 

Ramshine harnesses are available in three adjustable sizes: Small with a waist measurement from 28” – 38”, Medium with a waist measurement of 34” – 48”, and Large with a waist measurement of 34” – 52”. My waist falls between small and medium, so I opted for the latter. 


I received this harness while distant (socially distant, that is)  from my partner so I had to get creative with my testing. If/when in-person interactions become safe again, I’ll update this review. In the meantime, my experiences are limited to dancing around and giving myself an handjob…

The leathercraft is impeccable. This harness is very sturdy and will definitely hold up for years. As is the case with most leather, this piece will shape to the body of the wearer over time & with more use– this sensation is one of my favorite things about leather, other than how good it smells. Leather is generally more biodegradable than synthetic materials, though it’s obviously not a vegan choice.

 My biggest issue is how low this harness hangs. The design of the Ramshine is simple but too simple for my finicky tastes. The only leather on the front attaches directly to the O-ring so, because toys used with this harness are generally on the heavier side, I find toys get pulled lower and lower between my legs. While this may not affect active use of the toy (and might be a better angle for fucking doggy-style), having a toy slowly fall between my legs is uncomfortable and can cause chafing with longer use. 

There were also moments when the snaps at the front popped open as  I tightened the leather (what? I like to make my ass look great). I was able to adjust them, but I wish I could wear it tighter. 

For XXL dildos, this harness is a great investment that will last a long time if treated well. Ramshine’s harnesses start at $280 on Exotic Erotics’website


If bodily fluids or lube get on your harness, wiping with a damp washcloth should do the trick. You can do this with soap but make sure to wipe any soap off afterwards. For a deeper clean, you can get leather cleaner or conditioner that can be used with a rag/washcloth or in wipe form. If you have or are planning to acquire a large leather collection, leather cleaner & conditioner will ensure your gear holds up longer– it’ll also help your gear conform to your body sooner! (Plus you can use leather cleaner and conditioner on other leather goods like bags and shoes.)


  • Sturdy leather & hardware
  • Works with a vast array of toys, including XXL
  • Sizes range for different body types


  • Falls lower on the waist
  • Toys have less stability on the body
  • High price tag

This toy was generously provided to me by Exotic Erotics & Ramshine in exchange for an honest review. 


1 seriously, it smells so good