Kiiroo Titan

PICTURE THE SCENE: After midnight. Stoned and horny, texting my boyfriend after a group video call. It’s high time to vibe together.

Earlier that day, I dropped off the Kiiroo Titan but didn’t even hug him because we are social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis. By the time I rode my bike 45 minutes home, hes already tried it out and his constant horniness gets me going. Over the past weeks of quarantine, we’ve tried other toys with long distance capabilities, but I haven’t been able to take part in his masturbation yet. I’m excited to test the Titan from afar.

Kiiroo Titan & Pearl

I’m supposed to use the FeelConnect app, so I download it but I’m not sure how to connect to his toy. Instead, I connect locally to the Pearl 2. Though the app has a function to connect to a partner, my boyfriend is unable to control my toy through the app-generated link. I disconnect the Pearl 2 and leave all virtual “rooms.” I close and reopen the app, which finally lets me control the Titan but with laughable limitations. I can make it more or less powerful using the FeelConnect app, but I still can’t figure out how to use my Pearl 2 to control him. We resort to him controlling a We-Vibe toy inside me, and my controlling the Titan for him. He doesn’t cum. 


The Kiiroo Titan is a soft masturbation sleeve made of TPE in a hard ABS plastic shell. 9 vibrating bullets are housed between the shell and the soft sleeve, which can be controlled via touchpads on the exterior of the toy or using the FeelConnect app. The Titan itself is 8.7” long, and 3.4” in diameter. The sleeve accommodates up to 7.4” in length and 1.5” in girth (diameter). One button on the sleeve turns the device on when pressed once; pressing again will cycle through four vibration patterns; p holding the button down will power off the device. Three touch sensors, when touched, isolate one vibrating bullet at a higher intensity, but the user can’t isolate more than one bullet at a time. Each bullet has three intensity levels. 

The Kiiroo Titan charges for 3 hours using a DC input charger, which provides approximately 30-40 minutes of use. 


I didn’t use this toy personally, so here’s what my partner had to say:

On its own, the Titan is totally functional! But that’s about the best thing I can say about it. It is definitely a synthetic tube attached to vibrators that you can lube up and stick your dick in. If this were the only functionality, the Titan would be a very expensive white elephant gift. It’s a novelty item. The suction created in the tube is interesting but not amazing. The vibrating is kind of cool, but barely better than just using my hand. 

There are three regions of vibrators with high, medium, and low intensity wavelengths. You can’t control them individually and they don’t move or shift, so the sensation is like holding a hitachi or  penetrative vibrator next to your dick. There’s no shifting, pressing, or finger style movement like you might find in other sex toys or personal massagers. 

This version of the Titan came with ‘Feel Porn Stars,’ which  provides currency to use on After the setup to sync some porn, this was the highlight of my Titan use. The videos on the site vary widely in quality (from professional soundstage production with makeup, costumes, and editing like a music video to b-roll footage set up in a semi-private area). The porn is hit or miss as far in its production values and there is no recommendation feature. If BIG INDUSTRY PORN made for cis-hetero dudes isn’t your thing, then you won’t enjoy most of the videos even though all of the videos have diverse patterns  well synced with the device.

Until bugs within the app (which looks and feels like it was built as a project for a college “New Media” class) are worked out, the porn sync will be the best part of the Titan experience. If you want a device to replicate the sensation of having sex with a partner, this is not that device. Even if the app had no issues (and believe me, it has a lot of issues), it can be boring on the user’s end. I can imagine a world where watching a partner engage in simulated play while using the app could provide a similar experience to synced porn or where this could work for voyeur play. But, in reality, figuring out how to connect the device is an annoying process (especially when compared to other apps like We-Connect), and connectivity is spotty at best. Plus, the app doesn’t have the same functionality as the sync built into the porn site. 

If you want a stroker with vibration and some potentially cool tech capabilities, you can purchase the Kiiroo Titan for $135 with Feel Porn Stars or $129 without from SheVibe, $143 with Feel Porn Stars or $135 (using code TWIXT10) without direct from Kiiroo, $135 without from Lovehoney. Kiiroo has another option for long distance controlled toys for penises: Onyx+.


The Titan’s internal sleeve is made of TPE, which can react adversely with silicone lube, so a water-based lube is ideal. The hard plastic shell of this device can be opened and the TPE sleeve removed; wash with soap and water. *TPE is considered a body safe material but IS porous and cannot be completely disinfected. This toy should only be used externally by one user (unless used with a condom, if absolutely necessary). The TPE sleeve should ideally be discarded and replaced in 6-12 months.*


  • Syncs to a variety of porn
  • Novel experience for folks used to just jerkin’ it with their hands
  • Easy to clean


  • Very confusing instructions
  • Loud
  • Can’t isolate more than one vibrating bullet at a time
  • Doesn’t work well with the FeelConnect app

This toy was generously provided to me by Kiiroo in exchange for an honest review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.