Vibease Emerald

‘Toothy’ style vibes are new to me, though not to the world. Epiphora1the reviewer who started me on sex toys praised the Jimmyjane Form 2 back in 2010, but its $145 price tag was a too rich for my tastes. This style of toy mimics part of OG rabbit style vibes with its two prongs (or “ears”) that can surround a clit (or nipple, or whatever sensitive bit you please). Toothy vibes eliminate the internal aspect that rabbit toys have, so they’re great for folks who want external stimulation in two (close) spots. In the past, I never craved this style of vibration, but when Vibease offered to send me a toy from their Jewel Collection (along with their signature long distance toy), I knew this toy would add a unique color and style to my shelves


The Vibease Jewel Collection Emerald is a mint green silicone coated vibrator, designed to be used externally and measuring 3.8” long by 2” wide. It features two slightly flexible prongs. The base of the toy is flat and lights up when turned on with one circular button on the front and a DC input charging port on the side. Clicking the power button once will turn on the toy (indicated by a light on the base that starts blue and rotates through the rainbow), clicking a second time starts vibration with a slow flashing red light. Click three provides a blue slow flash and higher intensity; four is green and even higher; on click 5, the base slowly flashes purple and the toy vibrates on a pattern setting. Once the patterns start, they cycle as follows:  teal pattern, green pattern, purple pattern, and then finally turned- on-but-not-vibrating. At any point, holding the button down will turn the base light red until the toy turns off. 

Emerald charges for up to 3 hours on first use, and then 2 hours on subsequent charges. 


From the first time I turned the Emerald on, I was impressed with the base level of vibration. When I checked the price, even more so! I could easily see a brand getting away with charging $150 for the vibration the same quality as the Emerald… AND this toy is well-priced and decent-looking too!

My first instinct was to surround my clit on either side with each prong, but it was just meh? It felt good but, without contact directly on my clit, it wasn’t about to make me orgasm on its own. Still, I would be curious to try being fucked with the Emerald positioned around my clit. The Emerald has the potential to stimulate a portion of vaginal opening as well as something penetrating it, so I’m really interested in testing that out. Will report back once I can give that a shot… 

Finding the ways that the Emerald could stimulate my clit enough to make me cum took effort. But you know what does it for me? Twirling the prongs around my clit like the toy is a fork and my vulva is spaghetti. Just fuckin’ mash my genitals like they’re potatoes and I am a vegetarian at Thanksgiving dinner. One prong near the top-ish of my clit with the other making its way towards my vag’s opening is where I end up; this positioning pushes one prong into my clit, delivering stronger vibration deeper into me. 


The Emerald is definitely a staple for my future masturbation and probably for partnered play too! It’s small but easy to hold, lightweight, and quiet, so it’s also a great option for travel. Buy it for $55 direct from Vibease with code TWIXTMYNETHERS


Since most of the exterior of this toy is silicone, it can interact with silicone lube. I recommend a water based lube. To clean, use a damp soapy washcloth to wipe the toy down, and then just a damp washcloth to clean any soap off, taking care not to get any water into the DC input.


  • Price to power ratio is great
  • Unique and cute color/design2normally I don’t talk to much about the design of toys bc I care more about what they do, but this literally feels like it was  designed to be on the nightstand of a queer instagram influencer
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight 
  • Small enough to be unobtrusive during partnered sex


  • Honestly? None.

This toy was generously provided to me by Vibease in exchange for an honest review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 the reviewer who started me on sex toys
2 normally I don’t talk to much about the design of toys bc I care more about what they do, but this literally feels like it was  designed to be on the nightstand of a queer instagram influencer