We-Vibe Melt

I love We-Vibe. I love their gender neutral app (even if it consistently crashes); I love the funky lil names given to toys; I love the colors and quality of silicone; I love that the toys they release feel intentional. So when We-Vibe offered me not one but THREE of their toys to review in connection to my Long Distance Toys Masterpost, one of the toys I chose was the Melt. Not because I like air pressure toys, but because so far this is the only air pressure toy on the market with long distance compatibility. 


The Melt is an air pressure tech toy– it (vaguely) mimics the feeling of cunnilingus on the clit by pushing air back and forth. It’s almost 5” long, coated entirely in a peachy/salmon colored silicone. Most of the toy is less than half an inch thick, though it curves at the top, ending in a .94” wide opening intended to come in contact with the clit. The back of the toy has its magnetic charging nubs, as well as a ‘+’ and ‘-’ button. Pushing the + once will turn the toy on it’s lowest intensity. You can click or hold the + to increase intensity, click or hold – to decrease or turn the toy off. There are no patterns available.1thank GOD 

You can also connect the Melt to the WeConnect app (by holding down the ‘+’ button while in connecting mode in the app), and utilize more specific control there. I discuss the WeConnect app more here. At any point, holding down the ‘-’ button on the toy will turn it off.


As we all know, air pressure toys have so far been mostly a miss for me. But of all the air pressure toys I’ve tested so far, the Melt is definitely my favorite. It’s noticeably more powerful than the Satisfyer, even on its lower settings. The slim and tapered body of the toy–marketed to fit between couples during partnered sex– is comfortable against my body if I want to be on top of the toy. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing, since the whole thing is basically all one silicone piece. This feels like a toy that has its shit together. 

With most air pressure toys, I end up having to hump them to get off. Not the melt! With this toy, I can actually put it on top of my clit and cum–though usually not by itself. I like to partner the Melt with my Exotic Erotics Orc, or We-Vibe Jive. If I’ve been jerking off a lot with a wand style vibe, the difference in sensory experience that the Melt brings can usually eek an extra orgasm out. I’ve also brought it into the bath tub with me, and while I do not love the gurgling noises it makes, I do like that it’s an option. I’m curious to try this toy out during more partnered play, and will update this article when that becomes safe again


If you know you like air pressure tech, and you want app/long distance compatibility, Melt is really the only toy out there. Purchase it for $149 direct from We-Vibe, Lovehoney or SheVibe, or $121 from Betty’s Toybox with code TWIXT. If you’re not sure you’ll like air pressure, the Satisfyer is similarly waterproof and $100 cheaper


The We-Vibe Melt is covered entirely in silicone, and charges magnetically. Since silicone lube can interact with solid silicone, I recommend using a water based lube with this toy.

To clean, use soap & water or a 10% bleach solution, and then rinse. 


  • More powerful than other suction toys I’ve used
  • Waterproof
  • Small & easy to hold
  • Long distance compatible
  • The only air pressure + long distance toy currently on the market


  • App can break connection randomly

This toy was generously provided to me by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 thank GOD