Though outwardly I give off extreme Top Energy™, deep down in the wettest caverns of my vagina, I am the brattiest sub. I love it when I’m bossed around, but only in very specific ways. I have one specific ex, who was extraordinarily talented at domming me, but since that relationship ended, I have not had as much of a sexual vibe with a partner… until the Vibease came pretty close.  


The Vibease is a 3.2” by 1.5” external vibrator. Coated in purple silicone, it’s halfway between a pebble shaped vibe and a bullet vibe, with a pointed tip to stimulate the clit. There are 2 buttons on the back: a power button and a ~. Hold down the power button for a couple seconds to turn Vibease on: blue and white LEDs on the back will flash and the toy will quickly vibrate once. Click the ~ button to start pattern vibrations: clicks 2-4 are additional patterns; click 5 is a solid intensity; and click 6 turns vibration (but not the toy) off. Hold down the power button again to turn off the Vibease, but only while in a vibration pattern. 

Vibease can be controlled with an app (also named Vibease). 


On its own, the Vibease is not remarkable. As a panty vibe, it’s too clunky and would be apparent if worn under something tight/fitted. The purple color is boring and the patterns? Not at all intuitive or quick to use without the app. But the pinpoint is pretty nice and the silicone is soft. 

The real value comes when pairing the Vibease toy with the Vibease app. Vibease (the company, not to be confused with the toy or the app of the same name) designed a toy designed to pair with audio erotica and they did a really good job… and it turns out I am really into audio erotica! 

The Vibease app comes pre-installed with beach & rain sounds, which don’t include vibration programmed with them. A graph beneath the sound player features four quadrants which should correlate to speed/strength on either axis. Instead, two of the squares seem to have vibration patterns but one doesn’t. I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out and I’m not entirely sure I have yet. Playing the included ambient sounds is the only way to control the vibrator from the app but not to use programmed audio… it’s confusing.

As it is, a user can only follow Vibease’s porn selection OR control the toy manually. Time to MacGuyver control of this app! It is possible to control the vibe from the app by playing and then pausing the ambient sound and just using the touch control pad, but there is no default way to get the control pad. Vibease, here’s a tip: fix this.

The Vibease app has a huge catalogue of audio erotica that includes talking directly to you, recorded moans, and narrated stories. While I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get in the mood via audio erotica, I gave it a try anyway. Okay but DUH:  I love dirty talk, fantasy, and fan fiction. The first free erotica I found in the app listed  “daddy dom” and “brat” in the description. I was sold. At first, I felt silly listening to someone talk to me as if I was there, but the creator, Feel-Good Filth, does such a good job that I was quickly immersed. Any time my fingers came in contact with Vibease though, its intensity left the pinpoint on my clit and numbed my fingers– I had to sit PATIENTLY and wait as the vibrations worked with the porn.

While you can take control of the vibration using the control pad, it’s way more fun to be dommed by both the audio and the vibrator. In true bratty fashion, I impatiently and stood up to get a drink of tea (being so wet is dehydrating!) but had to stop and just stand for a while because the audio+vibration was so distractingly hot. A++ 

While I now love audio erotica, there is one thing I don’t like. Unlike other apps that play audio (Spotify, Pandora, IHeartRadio, etc.), there’s no way to pause the audio without being in the Vibease app. If I let the screen darken while closing my eyes for full immersion, I have to unlock my phone and navigate back to the Vibease app to pause it.

Vibease! When you read this, I’d love app updates to include the ability to pause outside the app and a tab just for vibration controls without playing sound.

Additionally, searching through the Vibease app market for stories is annoying. Users can’t easily filter stories for ‘free’ or search specific tags/authors/genre/etc (there is a search bar but with limited functionality). My last thought: the Vibease vibrator could be a bit stronger but, if given the choice, I’d rather first get my hands on an egg style or internal option that works with the Vibease app.


If you know you like audio erotica and want a panty vibe that can sync with audio, you can buy the Vibease for $89 direct from Vibease with code TWIXTMYNETHERS. This toy can also be controlled by a partner, but I haven’t tested that functionality. Vibease is one of the cheapest long-distance compatible toys currently on the market. 


Since the exterior of this toy is primarily silicone, it can interact with silicone lube. I recommend using a water based lube. To clean, use a damp soapy washcloth to wipe the toy down, and then just a damp washcloth to clean any soap off, taking care not to get any water into the DC input. 


  • Relatively quiet
  • it gets points for domming me 
  • Vibration quality is very good for the price
  • Possible long-distance partnered compatibility


  • Patterns are before regular vibration
  • App is difficult to search 
  • Clunky panty vibe
  • Bad when handheld

This toy was generously provided to me by Vibease in exchange for an honest review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.