OhMiBod Krush

Everytime I try a kegel exerciser that can pair with an app, my own kegel strength disappoints me! It’s not reassuring when an app doesn’t recognize me squeezing as hard as I can on the toy; in fact it’s downright disheartening. Most of the time, the app is just hot garbage. Even so, the LoveLife Krush might make itself a worthy addition to your toybox…


The LoveLife Krush is a vibrating kegel exerciser, 3.25” long by 1.3” in diameter and coated in pink silicone. It has a 5” retrieval stem/antenna, with a magnetic charging port at the end. It comes with a positioning anchor similar in shape to crescent style bases on butt plugs, which attaches to the retrieval stem to ensure the Krush is positioned correctly for kegel exercises. One small button on the base of the toy’s body will turn the toy on, and place it in manual feedback mode– the toy vibrates depending how hard it is squeezed. Pushing the button again will put the toy in constant vibration mode. 

Krush requires 1 hour charge for up to 4 hours use. It can connect to the tasl app (which I discuss below) or OhMiBod Remote 2.0 (read more about that app here).


The tasl app opens to a page with the following “fitness training”options; 

  • 1st timer, 
  • sexy trainer, 
  • mom-to-be, 
  • new mom, 
  • flow control
  • virtuoso
Training System

There are no other descriptions for the workouts. Selecting an option just starts the workout with full, obnoxious audio. A timer at the top of the page counts down the length of the workout. Beneath the timer appears  a pressure bar  to show how hard the toy is being squeezed. The pressure bar only worked the first time I opened the app and tried quick start. In the top right hand corner, a volume icon can be clicked to turn your trainer’s voice on or off; workout directions are also communicated as written text within a heart that takes up most of the screen. The bottom of the screen has a rep count, a start/pause button, and a daily target tracker. 

The menu bar (accessed on the fitness training page by clicking the top left corner) offers the following options: Connect/Home, Training system, Dashboard, Fun mode, Badges, Settings, Intro/Quick Start, Tips & Tricks, and About Us. 

  • Connect/Home connects the Krush to the app. tasl requires access to your phone/device’s location. 
  • Training System brings the user to the “fitness training” options. 
  • Dashboard offers statistics on your use of the toy within the app: 
    • your “score”(????), initial pressure, endurance(secs) [sic], control(LVI), and max strength- each has a number score and three empty hearts at the start of using the app; 
    • total time, total days, today’s training (amount/goal), remaining days, and average exercise time. 
  • Fun mode has several patterns and a vibration intensity setting, though this mode requires a certain unknown score to access (I guess levelling up is fun??). 
  • Badges shows badges for each of the fitness training levels. 
  • In Settings, the user can adjust the vibration intensity (which defaults to 70%?),1why do companies do that? Just set it to 100% and let users turn it down, ugh. turn sleep mode on or off, choose if they want a male or female trainer voice,2is this the wii fit? set an app password and training reminders. 


As an app for kegel exercising/tracking, tasl is a joke. It has 2.3 stars in the Google Play store, and would be worse if not for the two people who gave it 5 stars. Most reviews state that it won’t connect or do anything, and my experience was the same. When I tried the quick start feature, the app’s pressure sensitivity bar reflected squeezing done  by hand, but when I tried it in my vag with my new kegel trainer, nothing. I even tried the training feature by using my hand to squeeze the toy, felt vibration feedback in my hand, but the app didn’t recognize any pressure. Cool. I uninstalled tasl immediately after the requisite research for this article. 

Luckily, the OhMiBod Remote 2.0 app seems to work a bit better. And I don’t have to achieve an unclear amount of training to ‘unlock fun mode,’ a.k.a. actually use Krush to get off. In fact, I prefer the OhMiBod app’s ‘tap mode’ for patterns. Long-time readers KNOW that I don’t really like to fuck with patterns, but sometimes I want an internal vibe to pulse at the exact same speed as the “fwaps” from whatever audio erotica I happen to be listening to. When I need that “fwap,” I can tap a few times for the app to  repeat the pattern, leaving me to lie back, close my eyes, and fantasize. Mmm. 

Alas, the only thing I fully like about the Krush is tap mode. As is often the problem with kegel toys (especially those that allegedly vibrate-according-to-how-much-pressure-you-squeeze-them-with), the Krush is not very pressure responsive. As a result, I feel vaginally weak despite my immense kegel prowess. Listen, I do way more kegels than the average vag.

I hate, hate, h a t e that the manual controls for this toy are on the body. If I want to switch modes or turn the toy off after I cum, I have to pull the Krush out in order to turn it off. Plus, the tiny button becomes hard to feel/find, and my fingers get covered in vaginal fluid in a desperate attempt to shut the dang thing off. 

The positioning anchor is meant to ensure Krush is placed correctly for interacting with the user’s PC muscles. This is cool info, because I’ve definitely had kegel toys move around inside my vag without feeling like they were interacting with my PC muscles. In theory, this positioning anchor could be used to make this a (more) anal safe toy, but I didn’t test the Krush as an anal toy.


If you want a kegel toy that will track & train your PC muscles- don’t get the Krush. If you’re fine with a kegel oriented toy that doubles as a love egg, you can purchase the Krush for $129 from OhMiBod. For a bit cheaper, you could also try out the We-Vibe Bloom or We-Vibe Jive


Since Krush is coated entirely in silicone which can bond with silicone lube, I recommend using a water-based lube. Krush is waterproof, and can be cleaned with soap and water. 


  • Positioning anchor means you could theoretically use this toy anally!
  • Good charge to use ratio
  • Very easy to ‘tap’ patterns
  • ‘Krush’ is actually a very cute name for a kegel exerciser 3especially compared to OhMiBod’s atrociously named ‘blueMotion Nex 1 (2nd Generation)!


  • Tiny power button on the toy rather than the stem
  • Not pressure responsive
  • Training app is garbage

This toy was generously provided to me by OhMiBod in exchange for an honest review. There are affiliate links included. If you like this blog and want to support the work I do, please consider clearing your cookies and purchasing through my affiliate links.


1 why do companies do that? Just set it to 100% and let users turn it down, ugh.
2 is this the wii fit?
3 especially compared to OhMiBod’s atrociously named ‘blueMotion Nex 1 (2nd Generation)!