Geeky Speed Dating

With nothing to do for over and hour before my friends could pick me up and with a bubbling concoction of simultaneous judgement and hope in my heart, I made a last minute decision to attend a Geek Speed Dating session at Rhode Island Comic Con.

It’s one part exactly what you think: me, judgemental af, wondering who exactly attends speed dating at a comic convention.

The other part? My eternal hope that it’s someone hot.

Outdated Dating: I went on a blind date in 2019

Did you know the Boston Globe runs a piece called ‘Dinner with Cupid,’ that match-makes and sets people up on blind dates? I know and, as a result, my dating life has been prominently featured on the Internet. I’m very famous, as it turns out. Dinner with Cupid works like this: you apply online by […]


How do you review a toy that’s shape is subjective? Masturbate a lot, mostly. DoDil’s marketing plays of the novel property that it can be reshapen as much as you want, which is New and Unique™ compared to other body safe toys on the market. Is it a marketing ploy? Kinda, yeah. But DoDil does […]