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Ordering your toys from one of the links below helps me keep this blog running, since I get a percentage of each sale as an affiliate. If you’d like the work I do, and would like to support it, please consider clearing your cookies and clicking through these links to order toys. If you have an adblocker, you might want to disable it to get to see the banners, however you can also click any of the names to be taken to their websites.

Most of these pages have sales through their websites, but if you want to see what in particular is on sale, check out my Sales n Deals in the sidebar (bottom of the page on mobile) or click this link!


Early To Bed is an adorable, woman-owned, queer friendly shop in Chicago (Max’s hometown!). They work and operate out of just the one shop, as well as hold workshops and classes there. All of their product photos are pictures they took (usually including a hand so you can get an idea of the size of a thing!) and they are all about gender neutrality. They also tend to stock more colors of things, like if you want a fun colored NYTC Shilo! If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend checking it out in person.

Free delivery on all orders over $40Lovehoney does indeed have a huge range of sex toys. It’s one of my go-to’s when I am looking for something. Because of the range of toys they carry, not everything is body safe. Lovehoney constantly has sales going on, and if you are a student you can sign up for Unidays and get 20% off at any time.

Filthy Dirty carries exclusively body safe toys and has some great gift sets if you’re looking to snag a bundle. They also carry all of Sliquid’s flavored lubes, including the elusive Pina Colada. They have a section of under $75 toys as well as a sales page.

Vibrant carries only body safe toys, uses completely gender neutral language (!!!), AND they stock my favorite binders (by GC2B). They also have a really good selection of penis toys. Oh, and they donate 100% of proceeds to Planned Parenthood, AMAZING! Plus, use code TWIXT and get 10% off your purchase whenever!

 SheVibe is my other go to. Their motto “vibe responsibly” combined with the regularly low prices on the site makes SheVibe one of the best places to pick up toys. That and every single product page has a WEALTH of information on the toy, the materials, and even how to clean them.

Peepshow Toys
is committed to ONLY selling body-safe toys on their site. They are newer, so their selection isn’t huge yet, but they are adding new products everyday and they are wonderful to reviewers. Plus, they are the cheapest place to get a lot of higher end things like the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Come As You Are is an adorable co-op sex shop in Canada, ideal for folks up north and those looking to cash in on the great exchange rate that the USD currently has. Check out my faves & recommendations here.

Unbound started out making boxes with curated sex items, which are great gifts for folks, but what really brought them to my attention are the sex-ccessories that they showed off at SHE NYC 2016. That, and they donate 6.9% of profits to “nonprofits that support female sexual health and wellness.”
 Luvoqa stocks higher end toys, all of which are body safe. Their website uses gender neutral language, and they call out popular counterfeiters and resellers like Amazon and eBay!

The Stockroom carries a HUGE selection of bondage & BDSM gear (some of which they make themselves in LA!) as well as sex toys. It’s worth checking out their Daily Deals page for different discounts all the time. They also have a Vondage section with all of their vegan bondage/bdsm implements.

The Nooky Box is a subscription box that only features body safe toys, “curated by sex experts.” You can have that shipped to you every three months for $79 (not a bad deal!), or, shop the deals in their web store which has pretty competitive pricing. logoVibrators. com is exactly what you’d expect. It does have gendered marketing and toys that are not all body safe, but you can also find some toys that aren’t in smaller, independent shops. Plus their sales page actually has really good sales on some really good products (brands like Fun Factory, Crave and Mystim).

Betty’s Toy Box is a pretty simple site, with an average selection. They stock porous/potentially toxic toys, and their marketing is gendered, however, in working with them, they seem nice and well intentioned.


Tantus was one of the first silicone makers dedicated! to body safety. I love their grab bag deals and they constantly have sales running. I have a few of their toys, my favorite are the Ryder and the Pack n Play No. 2.

New York Toy CollectiveNew York Toy Collective makes my FAVORITE dildos/pack n plays, Shilo. They also happen to be the only pack n plays that come in non-skin tones. All of NYTC’s products are hand poured in New York, and the workmanship is amazing.

Buy Womanizer

Admittedly, the Womanizer is an ugly and poorly named toy. However, it gives good head to a lot of people who have struggled with orgasms and introduced brand new technology to the market.

The World's first body-adapting vibrator
Crescendo by Mystery Vibe is a vibrator designed to do a lot of different things. Some reviewers really love it, some really hate it. It was successfully crowdfunded and is made of good materials. Get 10% off & free worldwide shipping!

Probably the most well known stroking toys on the market, Fleshlight remains at the top of the list for a reason. Their toys are made of really nice material (that is body safe) and are made to last a long time. Whether realistic, fantastical, or non-representational, Fleshlight has something for folks looking to add a long-term stroking toy to their collection. Check out their deals here.

Make sex exciting again with We-Vibe Sync
We-Vibe is one of my favorite manufacturers, they are the ones who make my beloved Tangos and the We-Vibe 4+ and Sync which have so many different uses.

Split Peaches makes super cute and unique silicone dildos, one of which is a UNICORN HORN (review forthcoming).

vegetarian_728x90_ENSelf Delve is a hilarious German company that makes toys shaped like fruits and veggies, and most of it comes in heat-sensitive pigments so it actually changes colors with use (and then changes back). I want a lot of their stuff.
Tenga makes non-representational penis strokers as well as adorable squishy vibrators. They are the folks who make Tenga Eggs, which are fantastic inexpensive strokers ideal for upping your hand job game.


is sort of like “The Netflix for Porn.” Wanna support ethically made, queer+transinclusive & affirming porn but not sure what genre/artist/director you like? PinkLabel is the way to go.

Crash Pad Series is some of the cutest, hottest, and most amazing queer porn every caught on camera. It’s feminist and ethical was one of the first porn studios to adopt those standards.


 Undercover Condoms ships anything for free if it’s more than $29. Their “Natural Products” section is my favorite, since it has Sliquid, Sir Richard’s and Sustain Condoms.


These are shops wherein I have affiliate links, but I don’t necessarily recommend. However, they may have items cheaper than other places.

Shop Naughty is a choice for EU/UK shoppers.

Pleasure Tease also has unsafe toys and gendered marketing, but they do have sales on We-Vibe items and the njoy Pure Wand is only $67.

Sex Toys
Deep Memories is a super sketchy shop (this is the least offensive banner I could find), but their clearance currently features a $30 Tantus dil (in purple or pearl), $17 Tantus butt plug and they have the Eroscillator on sale right now.