Geeky Speed Dating

With nothing to do for over and hour before my friends could pick me up and with a bubbling concoction of simultaneous judgement and hope in my heart, I made a last minute decision to attend a Geek Speed Dating session at Rhode Island Comic Con.

It’s one part exactly what you think: me, judgemental af, wondering who exactly attends speed dating at a comic convention.

The other part? My eternal hope that it’s someone hot.

Outdated Dating: I went on a blind date in 2019

Did you know the Boston Globe runs a piece called ‘Dinner with Cupid,’ that match-makes and sets people up on blind dates? I know and, as a result, my dating life has been prominently featured on the Internet. I’m very famous, as it turns out. Dinner with Cupid works like this: you apply online by […]

SHE NYC 2016 – Three Things I Loved, Three Things I Didn’t, and Three Things I Want to Learn More About

This past weekend, I went to the Sexual Health Expo (SHE) in Brooklyn, New York. Reading fellow bloggers’ tweets, I’ve been super jealous of all the events that folks attend. I’ve been to workshops and a convention in the past, but never something that let me get up close and personal with new products and […]