FAQ & Policies


Where can I find you online?

I’m in a lot of places online! Here’s where they are & what you can expect

Twixt My Nethers

  • Twixt My Nethers.com
    • Event & sex toy reviews, guides, general sex ed stuff mostly oriented towards toys/kink, continuing adult sex ed
  • @twxtmynethers on Twitter
    • My personal twitter: all sorts of stuff, political, giveaways, me thirsting after Gul Dukat probably an unhealthy amount
    • Updates regarding any temporary adjustments to the content calendar
  • @twixtmynethers on Instagram
    • Personal instagram! All over the place! I usually cross promote posts that go up on TMN or other things I’m proud of/want people to attend
  • Twixt My Nethers on Facebook
    • Links to Twixt My Nethers articles
    • Periodic discounts & sales on sex toys
    • Event promotion for OnlyFans Workshops
  • Twixt My Nethers on FetLife
    • Links to Twixt My Nethers articles
    • Event (livestreamed & IRL) promotion

Ask Kaylee Frye (always SFW)

  • Ask Kaylee Frye.com
    • Blog style write-ups about comic conventions & similar geeky events I’ve attended 
    • Blog style write ups about cosplay-related projects I’m working on
    • Information about convention and cosplay-related appearances 
  • @AskKayleeFrye on Instagram
    • Cosplay pics photoshoots
    • Work-in-progress pictures
    • Pictures at events
  • @AskKayleeFrye on Twitter
    • Cosplay & nerd related tweets
    • Cross promotion
  • Ask Kaylee Frye on Facebook
    • FB Events for costume & cosplay-related appearances
    • Cosplay photos & galleries

Twxt My Nethers on OnlyFans

  • Exclusive access to extensive cosplay lewds
  • Exclusive access to lingerie & fetish lewds
  • Exclusive access to porn menu
  • Exclusive livestreams
  • Guaranteed responses to DMs!

Explicit Honesty (Podcast)

Faux Pa (Drag)

  • Facebook
    • Photos (and hopefully videos soon)
    • Event promotion
  • Instagram
    • Photos & videos
    • Event promotion

What’s your favorite vibrator/dildo/sex toy?

I like different toys for different things! For quick orgasms, the Magic Wand Rechargeable; for longer sessions, egg/similar style toys; for realistic shaped dildos, the Vixen Mustang; for fantasy dildos, the Bad Dragon Ika. 


What’s the best porn you’ve made?

Tentacle Hentai


How often do you produce new content?

I’m currently on semi-hiatus for my own mental health. I will periodically be releasing content on my various channels.
Subject to change! 


Can you recommend a sex toy for me?

If you’re just looking for a quick recommendation, subscribe to my Only Fans and DM me your questions. For more personalized & in depth recommendations, consider a consultation.


How can I interact with you?

It’s weird to be simultaneously a person and a brand! While I’d love to be friends with every single one of my fans/followers, there simply isn’t enough time in the day and it’s important you respect my boundaries. If you’d like to chat with me, you may message me on my social media platforms, however I only guarantee a response to DMs on my Only Fans.

I am an exhibitionist and I love validation! I love comments on social media & my websites, on photos & articles I post (plus it boosts the likelihood that more people will be able to find my content!). I encourage lewd comments on my Only Fans, which is also the place I respond to all DMs!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR *ALL* INTERACTIONS: You are not my Daddy or Dom, do not interact with me as such. On occasion I take submissives, but I will not domme you without discussion & payment. 

Before contacting me, please review my POLICIES!


Do you ever offer discounts on content?

Yep! Here are the ways you can get discounts on my Only Fans:

  • Promote my Only Fans on Reddit
    • For every sub-reddit you promote my Only Fans (up to 10/month), you get $1 off your subscription price OR the NSFW menu item of your choice! 
    • Send me a link + screenshot via Only Fans or Twitter DM

Can I interview you for…?

Probably! I love talking about myself! Send me an email at max [at] twixtmynethers [dot] com 



Before you contact me, please ensure you have read the below policies. I will assume when you contact me that you agree to and will abide by these policies. I will not be held accountable if we enter into an agreement and you have not read these.

Everything written on my blog is written by me. I do not accept guest content. On occasion and at my own discretion I will seek out additional contributors to interview/assist on articles and reviews. If your voice is under-represented and you are interested in partnering on an article/using my platform to amplify your voice, I welcome emails to max [at] twixtmynethers [dot] com. 

All sales for advertising, consultations, sponsorships, etc. are to be paid in advance, in full. 

 I am open to reviewing lubes, condoms, toys, games, websites, and porn. I only accept toys and products that are made from body safe materials. I prioritize accepting product from companies that 

  • have an affiliate program & are willing to eventually send multiple toys I am interested in reviewing; the more reviews of products on your site, the more exposure my audience has to your company. 
  • feature & uplift under-represented voices (POC, trans, queer, intersex, etc.)

Occasionally I will accept paid reviews that do not fulfill the above categories; these will always be designated as “Sponsored.” I will not accept sponsorship, advertising or products from companies that do not align with my values

All of my reviews are my own words & honest. If your product doesn’t work for me, I will be specific about the flaws and try to describe an audience it might suit.1ie, if a product features buzzy vibrations that don’t get me off, I’ll still mention that it may work for folks who prefer this kind of vibration 

Depending on my personal & publishing schedule, most reviews will take 1-3 months to appear on my website from the time I receive the toy. 


1 ie, if a product features buzzy vibrations that don’t get me off, I’ll still mention that it may work for folks who prefer this kind of vibration