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Be sure to check my FAQs and Policies page before getting in touch.
For all inquiries, I can be reached at max [at] twixtmynethers [dot] com

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Looking to purchase your first or a new toy, but overwhelmed by where to start? Is shopping for sex toys uncomfortable or inaccessible? Hire me for a personal pleasure consultation! Ideal for individuals and partners, these consultations focus on your needs using my vast product knowledge. I specialize in gender neutral, physically & financially accessible recommendations. 

Online consultations feature the same amount of information and interaction at a lower price, making them a budget friendly way to find what works for you.

I am not currently available for in person consultations, pending more readily available & reliable COVID-19 testing. In person, I bring toys to you and let you handle them firsthand. If you live near a sex shop and would like assistance in perusal, in-person consultations can include a visit there.

As a self-proclaimed dating expert with thousands of matches on Tinder, I’m also available for dating profile consultations and message coaching.  



My workshops are currently only available via online streaming. I offer 2x monthly workshops exclusively to my subscribers on Only Fans; consider reaching out to sponsor one! If you’re looking for a custom workshop outside of Only Fans, read on! 

My workshops are designed to be inclusive of all genders and sexual expressions. They cater to most audiences and interests. Check out my current list of available workshops here.

My workshops are excellent for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, gal/valentine’s day parties, office parties, couple’s parties, sorority parties, college events, fundraisers, and just straight up vibin! I’d love to help you promote sex positivity and safe practices through my vast experience with toys.



I reach a diverse array of audiences via my drag, cosplay, Only Fans, and Twixt My Nether platforms! I have advertising space available

  • On my website’s sidebar 
  • Via sponsored posts that follow my policies
  • On/across my social media platforms
  • On Only Fans

Interested in something else? Get in touch!



Read my policies page if you are interested in becoming an affiliate/sponsor. 

Companies that follow my policies and fit into my lifestyle/brand (adult or otherwise!) can reach out to me with regards to affiliate programs, sponsored ads/articles/reviews or other partnership opportunities. 

I am currently prioritizing toys that are on my wishlist, and my review & personal schedule dictates that it may be 2-3 months for reviews to be posted. By arranging any partnership, you agree to this length of time & all my policies



Interested in commissioning custom porny content, involving anything from my extensive toy and costume collection? Reach out to me on Only Fans!

If you’re a fellow porn creator interested in partnering to make content together, I can be reached via email.